Miro Describes How He Reacted To His WWE Release

During the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, AEW superstar Miro joined to talk about his release from WWE in April of 2020. The former United States Champion spoke about his reaction to the news and what caused the company to make that decision.

"I was so happy," Miro said. "I kind of lost it for 30 seconds because when the whole pandemic thing was happening, we were just trying to fight for some type of rights, because it's not right that we had to fly every week to TV and all these circumstances without anybody caring. I just didn't think it was right. We were in a little group text that got leaked out to the office, somebody leaked it that we were doing this, we were just talking among us how we could bring this to the office. It got leaked out that we were on it and I think a few days later I was released.

"I lost it for a little bit because I was more concerned about the health and safety protocol but I got released. I was so happy because I knew right away that I'm going to go and do what I know I can do. I never had any doubts how good I am and if your company doesn't appreciate me, I'm going to go find a different company that does."

After being released, Miro spoke with Chris Jericho about why he was happy to leave WWE to come to AEW. Continuing to talk about his release, Miro highlighted how he got in touch with Tony Khan about AEW and revealed the key difference between AEW contracts vs. WWE contracts.

"At this point, it was a pandemic and all that, I have managers who do a lot of professional wrestlers signings and all of that and they got in contact with Tony to see if he had any interest," Miro said. "The first three months I used Twitch because I couldn't wrestle for three months because all WWE contracts are three months at a time, ridiculous. The whole three-month release is not because they're giving you three months free, it's just because your contract is three months at a time to get renewed every three months. While in AEW, we have sure contracts, I signed a four-year contract that is guaranteed for four years.

"I did Twitch for the first three months, then we got in contact with Tony and he showed interest and we talked about sports when I'd come in. He had this vision about Kip because I think Tony knew who I was in WWE and what I had done but also he saw the last three months of Twitch stuff. I think the idea of Miro came from Twitch Miro and that's why me and Kip started doing that thing. I had fun, the Arcade match was an absolute blast. Throwing Arcades and beating people around, it was an absolute blast. Then it just came to a time to move on because I just once again thought this was going to limit my growth. We did the Kip thing, I beat him up and punished him and then I became the Redeemer."

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