MJF Reacts After Handing CM Punk His First Loss In AEW

For those who missed tonight's AEW Dynamite, MJF handed CM Punk his first loss in AEW, defeating the former WWE Champion in his hometown of Chicago.

MJF appeared to have the match won early when he used a long piece of tape as a garrote to choke Punk out, causing Punk to pass out. However, the referee caught MJF dropping the tape and realized that the Pinnacle leader had used a foreign object to choke Punk out. This led to the match being restarted.

Later in the match, Wardlow would arrive ringside and get directly in Punk's face. The announcers teased that Wardlow's loyalty was conflicted, and he wasn't necessarily out to help his fellow Pinnacle member. Once Punk dragged MJF back into the ring, Wardlow distracted the referee by standing on the apron, allowing MJF to nail Punk across the face with his Dynamite Diamond Ring. He then covered Punk for the pin fall victory.

Replays after the match showed that it was Wardlow who handed MJF the ring.

Although MJF holds pin fall victories over Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes, AEW's commentators stressed that the 25-year-old star picked up the biggest win of his pro wrestling career – by defeating Punk in Chicago.

After Dynamite went off the air, MJF took to Twitter to gloat his victory. The tweet can be seen below.

AEW's YouTube channel has shared a near 8-minute video with highlights from the match. The video can also be seen below.