WWE Superstar Montez Ford recently spoke to Booker T on his Hall Of Fame podcast, reflecting on sharing the ring with Johnny Knoxville at the Royal Rumble. The Street Profits star delivered a Frog Splash to the Jackass member, admitting the celebrity was open to things.

“He was all game,” Ford revealed. “The cool part about it, I was telling him, ‘hey man, me and my sister used to stay up late nights to watch MTV, MTV 2, and watch Jackass and The Wild Boys, and everything.’ Like, all night, we’d see all the crazy scenarios that they did. So for me to have that moment was just like full circle, all the childhood nostalgia all the way around. But he was all game, man. He was like, ‘hey guys, if I am in there, I am in your guys’ world, don’t let up on me, I want the real thing.’ He said, ‘I have spent my whole entire career hurting other people.’”

Montez Ford went on to say that Knoxville was a nice person and that it’s good to see people embrace wrestling. He also revealed the Jackass star is open to returning at some point in the future.

“He’s a great guy, all for it. It’s always cool too, to have people from different worlds come in,” Ford stated. “People that you’ve grown up and watched and come across people that are fans of the business. To come across and just be so welcoming to our world and everything, it was cool. He said he was ready to come back too, so I guess we need to lay the smackdown a little bit harder next time.”

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