Mustafa Ali: "I’ll see ya all in like 2 1/2 years"

Ali has released a new tweet that may give some insight on when his WWE contract will expire. It also insinuates that WWE is still holding firm in not allowing Ali out of his WWE contract despite publicly requesting his release on social media earlier this year.

Ali's new tweet makes it seem like wrestling fans won't see him in any major way until the time on his current WWE contract expires.

"I'll see ya all in like 2 1/2 years," Ali writes.

As previously reported, Ali's issues with WWE started when he asked for one show off for paternity leave. Instead, he hasn't been featured on WWE programming since November 2021. It led people within the company to believe that his paternity leave was being extended, however, a lot of other reasons reportedly led to this extended absence.

The idea for his next gimmick, a "New America" idea, was apparently scrapped because the higher-ups in the company changed their minds about how successful it would be. Vince McMahon wanted "something Mustafa Ali would never have done" instead of what was being pursued for Ali. This reportedly led to a "heated argument between the two" and the WWE star hasn't been attending shows since.

A couple of weeks ago, Ali remained headstrong in his request while also mentioning that he has no interest in being in the WWE Royal Rumble.

"no, i would not like to be in rumble. i would like my release," Ali wrote

You can see the full tweet from Ali below: