News On Eddie Kingston's Injury And AEW Return

For several weeks now, AEW's Eddie Kingston has been out of action from AEW and other promotions due to an orbital bone injury. Kingston just recently assured everyone through the WrestleTalk podcast that his return is coming soon, and a new report supports his statement.

Eddie Kingston is expected to be back next week, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. His story with Santana, Ortiz, Chris Jericho, and the rest of The Inner Circle still has "several layers" left to unfold and AEW intends to continue the narrative upon his return.

In the aforementioned interview with Eddie, he revealed that this injury isn't something novel to him. But suffering the injury on the indies was different because he just powered through and kept performing.

"Like, I've had this injury before, but out on the independents, you got to go. I got to make money, I got to pay my rent. I had the match, things happen. It's not ballet, plus, we're fighting. I like to keep it as realistic as possible. Blew my nose to my eye, swelled up, and I said, 'Oh it's an orbital, without a doubt. I've had this before.'

"I wanted to ask the AEW doctor, 'hey, is it alright if I cut it again?' And he was like, 'what are you talking about cut it again?' 'Well, I cut it and I just don't do things for a little bit and I'll be fine.' He's like, 'no. Go to the doctor.' I was like, 'okay.' But that's what I had to do on the independents, you know what I mean? Where I would cut it a little bit to get the blood or the air out and then tell the, you know, go work the next day."

Stay tuned for updates on Eddie Kingston's return to AEW.