NJPW Star Officially Pulled From Upcoming Events Due To Injuries

Injuries will keep Jeff Cobb out of action for at least the next couple of weeks. New Japan Pro-Wrestling announced Tuesday that it has pulled Cobb from the remaining cards on its Golden Series tour.

"Jeff Cobb is currently recovering from injuries sustained in his match with Tetsuya Naito on January 5," NJPW announced on its English language website. "During the bout, Cobb sustained a left patellar tendon tear and a muscle strain in his left leg. As a result, he will not be cleared to compete for the rest of the New Year's Golden Series tour. We (apologize) to fans who were looking forward to seeing Cobb wrestle, and appreciate your understanding."

The injuries described by NJPW are more serious than what Jeff Cobb himself described. Cobb briefly mentioned his status during a recent interview.

"I kinda, like, pulled a muscle so I can't really," Cobb told The Wrstling Podcast. "I had to take some time off. But I'll be back soon."

Jeff Cobb was scheduled to team with Great-O-Khan for tag team matches on February 11 and 13. Instead, Great-O-Khan will appear in singles matches during the remainder of the tour. He'll face Satoshi Kojima on February 11 and Togi Makabe on February 13.

NJPW also announced Tuesday that Young Lion Yuta Nakashima will be held out of action through its card on February 13. The company says Nakashima was injured when he sustained a "blow to the head" during a match on Monday.

NJPW announced YOSHI-HASHI and Taiji Ishimori will miss Golden Series shows through Friday. They are being held out of action due to COVID-19 protocols.

YOSHI-HASHI and Ishimori were also pulled from NJPW events on Sunday and Monday, along with Hirooki Goto and Jado. NJPW said at the time that the four wrestlers were found to have elevated temperatures or had been in close contact with someone with a fever. Goto and Jado are both set to return to action starting with NJPW's card on Wednesday. COVID-19 concerns led NJPW to cancel or postpone a number of shows last month.