Since Brian Cage made his surprise debut at AEW Double or Nothing 2020, Team Taz has expanded its roster significantly. Cage has since been excommunicated from the faction, but FTW Champion Ricky Starks, Hook, and Powerhouse Hobbs still carry that black and orange flag.

Even with a strong core of talent, fans are always speculating on what AEW stars could join Team Taz down the line. Speaking to Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday, Powerhouse Hobbs addressed the possibility of bringing Leyla Hirsch into the group.

“She would add a different flavor to the mix,” Hobbs said. “She’s very tough. She’s absolutely tough. But what happened last time we recruited somebody? You see what happened. We got a situation with Dante Martin. We handle that before anything else.”

While all members of Team Taz have a similar technical style inside the ring, all three men find their own identities through their presentation. Hobbs rocks a singlet while Starks and Hook elect to wear trunks and shorts, respectively. Even when they’re not competing, each man has a unique fashion sense.

Hobbs has been known to wear airbrushed overalls for promos, but recently he added a fur coat to the mix.

“The fur coat, I’ll give you a little secret. The man, Tony Khan, was like, ‘Willy, go get yourself a fur coat. So that’s what I had to do,” Hobbs said. “Ever since [I wore it on television] I’ve been wearing it every day. Even out here in Cali, I wear it every day. I’m walking around in my house in it. Kids are looking at me, they trying to try it on. I wore it on the airplane, first-class back home. I’m a star. Why not?”

That fashion sense has translated to the AEW faithful as well.

“I think it might’ve been in Charlotte, and I saw a couple of kids with some overalls on. They were airbrushed. I was like, ‘Oh damn, okay! Let’s keep this thing rolling!'” Hobbs said. “When I take pictures and I do meet and greets with people, they try to do the snarl like I do. It’s flattering.”

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