AEW President Tony Khan was the center of controversy earlier this year for how he publicly addressed not renewing former All Elite wrestler Big Swole’s contract. Swole called out AEW for a lack of diversity, to which Khan responded by listing the various Black talent in AEW that had recently picked up victories. Khan also clarified that Swole was let go because “[he] felt her wrestling wasn’t good enough.”

These comments from Khan did not go over well with fans and some members of the AEW roster. It has also led to a conversation about whether Swole’s opinions on AEW’s diversity have merit. Speaking with Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday, Powerhouse Hobbs emphasized that he can’t speak for everyone, but his personal All Elite experience has been “very fair.”

“I can only speak from my own experience. I don’t know about anybody else’s experience in the company. I can tell you from my experience that everything has been really well,” Hobbs said. “I’ve had ideas that I’ve pitched that worked. I’ve had ideas that I’ve pitched that haven’t worked. Overall, the company is very diverse. Like I said before, Tony Khan has been very fair to me. I can’t speak on anyone else’s situation. I can only speak on mine.”

Hobbs doubled down on this idea, noting any criticisms people place on AEW can be applied to any other company in the world.

“The same thing can be said with Google, with Facebook, with any company. It can be said with any company on this planet. What I said is what I said, and that’s just from my personal experience. I will back that up a hundred percent, a thousand, million times over again.”

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