Rene Dupree Says Zack Gowen Chair Spot Was “Punishment” From Vince McMahon

On the latest episode of Cafe de Rene, former WWE star Rene Dupree focused extensively on his experiences with WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon. This included the revelation that Rene Dupree is one of the few people who has ever seen Vince McMahon sleeping. What does he look like? A corpse, according Dupree.


"I will tell you this," Dupree said. "I've seen him drunk and I'm probably one of the only, very few people in history to see him sleeping. He does look like a corpse."

Rene Dupree also told a story about former WWE star Zack Gowen and how he was supposedly punished by McMchon during his short run with the company in 2003. The reason for the punishment, at least from what Dupree heard, was that Gowen was caught smoking backstage, a big no-no.

"You believe nothing what you hear, but what I had heard is that he was caught smoking cigarettes backstage, right?" Dupree said. "If you've ever been backstage at WWF show, Vince has 'no smoking' signs all over the building. The only two people that were allowed to smoke were Blackjack Lanza and Pat Patterson. Anybody else, (no). So anyway, remember that segment where Brock bashed his (Gowen's) f-cking brains in with that steel chair in front of his own mother? That was punishment right there."


Another instance of a talent possibly being punished, according to Rene Dupree, was when Kane voiced his frustrations about his creative to head of talent relations John Laurinaitis in 2003. Shortly after that, Kane found himself in a feud with McMahon's son, Shane McMahon.

"I remember Kane voicing his opinion backstage," Dupree said. "Like, being frustrated talking to Johnny Ace. Right after that, he started that program with Shane, on the live events, the house shows, because Shane doesn't know how to wrestle. Shane knows how to do stunts and Shane knows how to do hardcore, right? Glenn (Kane) would come back with just these f-cking kendo stick marks. Just bruised every single night. He had to work a program for like, what was it, like several months doing those f-cking hardcore matches every night. So a part of me wonders like 'is that some type of, form of punishment because he complained?'"

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