Riddle On Randy Orton Helping Him Write Apology To Roman Reigns

WWE Superstar Riddle was a recent guest on Mark Andrews' My Love Letter To Wrestling podcast. He discussed something that he has been able to learn from Randy Orton during their time teaming up together. That was for him to never get the Viper to write an apology.

"One thing I have learned is, don't ask Randy to write an apology for you. The other day I just some things about a gentleman that I work with. He's on a different brand, he's a champion, he's a chief one might say. [Roman Reigns] And I said some things he didn't like. And I told Randy, I told him, 'hey, I said some things, pretty sure he's not happy about it. Like what should I say? How should I make this better?'

"And I sent Randy an apology that I wrote for this person, and Randy looked at it and he's like, 'nah, this is all wrong. This is what you write.' And then he sent me an apology back where there was no apology at all. It was basically like, 'yeah, my bad.' Like, it was things like that. But he knows this Chief better than I do, so I was like, 'okay.' I sent this apology, and let's just say he did not accept it. And I was like, 'd-mmit Randy, I can never ask you to apologize for anything."

Riddle also went on to talk about his tag team partner in further detail. He admitted that the WWE veteran is a cool guy, and he has been having lots of fun with him. Riddle admitted that the two of them are actually quite similar in real life.

"When it comes to sports entertainment, the guy gets it. And I've learned a tremendous amount from him. You know, I just, timing, and just, I don't know, it's just awesome hanging out with Randy. If I'm being honest the guy's really cool. It's like, yeah, he makes me laugh, I try to make him laugh, we just have a lot of fun.

"Like I said, even though we're so different on screen, same thing with me and Pete, we're so different on screen. But in real life, nah, me and Pete are really different. But me and Randy, me and Randy are quite alike in real life. Like, we laugh at the same jokes, we like the same food, we like the same entertainment. I got a feeling, yeah like, we have a lot in common. We get along a lot and it's made this transition as a team so much easier. Like we just have so much fun."

If you use any quotes, please credit the My Love Letter To Wrestling podcast with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.