B-Fab Was Not Scared WWE Would Release Her: “I Should Have Been”

Former WWE Superstar B-Fab was a recent guest on The Angle Podcast where she discussed if she felt any nerves ahead of her release, especially considering WWE's track record booking NXT stars on the main roster.

However, she admitted to never feeling that way during her main roster run.

"I am going to be honest with you, I wasn't scared at all," she said. "We had done so many things that had caught on in different ways. When went to do our promos, the four of us, mind you, if we are doing a promo together, if one of us messes up we have to start over. We would knock them out in like four or five takes, you know?

"So, they knew how we worked, when we went up there and was just doing things like that, I wasn't nervous at all. I was like, 'they're going to eventually figure out the direction they want to go with us first.' But everything we were doing, I felt they just wanted to showcase us because they liked what we were doing. So, I wasn't nervous at all. But I did see all the stuff on Twitter being like, 'oh god, Vince, no, don't touch it,' I saw it all. But I wasn't scared. I should have been."

B-Fab then spoke about when she started to question her status with the company. This took place after she had been taken off the app that talent use to check upcoming appearances. At the time, nobody knew what was happening.

"So, we had an app called the TR app that we used for all our appointments, appearances, whatever we have, travel, everything. So, you know where you're going to be going pretty much for the month," she said. "I had dots for that coming weekend, that Friday SmackDown show, I had dots to be with the boys. It had been there, I had seen it weeks ahead.

"Then the week comes, and the dots are gone. But then the dots appear again, but then they disappear again. So I am like, 'okay, what's going on?' I am texting the boys like, 'hey, do you have dots?' Trying to figure out what is going on, and no one knew what was going on."

B-Fab then personally tried to get in touch with John Laurinaitis, who did not answer her calls. Later that day, John released her from the company and she admitted that her heart dropped as she couldn't believe it.

"AJ reached out to Laurinaitis like, 'hey, Bri doesn't have a dot, is she not coming with us this weekend? I don't understand.' He's like, 'we will talk whenever I see you guys.' So I am like, okay, this is about me, let me call him and see what's up as well. No answer," she said. "And I was like, 'oh goodness, what's going on?' I wait, wait, wait, no response, no response.

"Then around the evening time he finally calls me back, and I am excited. I'm like, 'okay cool, he's going to tell me what's going on. Why they didn't need me this week, the boys are doing something small, whatever it is, just tell me, I will be there with them next week.'

"Then he tells me that I am released. My heart dropped and I couldn't believe it. He's like, 'oh it's budget cuts,' and I kept hearing it is my wrestling level compared to everyone else. The reason was mainly budget cuts, but I was hearing after, okay it was the wrestling level as well."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Angle Podcast with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.