B-Fab Recalls Shane McMahon Inviting Her To Co-Host RAW Underground

B-Fab was involved in a virtual signing with K&S WrestleFest where she talked about being involved with Raw Underground. The former WWE Superstar talked about her brief time on the show and how she became a co-host.

"I don't know if anybody saw, but I got to do a co-hosting moment for that for a second. It was only on TV for like a month or whatever, but I got to do a co-hosting moment for Raw Underground. I literally got picked right on the spot," she said. "I was just there to be part of the audience who bangs on the ring on the side and was there for the crowd. Shane comes up to me and he goes, 'hey, how comfortable are you on the mic?' I said, 'super comfortable, very comfortable.' He was like, 'okay, cool, I might need a co-host for this, so just be ready.'

"I wasn't expecting this to happen, like maybe in a couple of weeks they'll tell me to do this or whatever. Five minutes later, he comes back and goes, 'are you ready?' I was like, 'right now?' He's like, 'yeah,' and I'm like, 'yeah for sure, let's go' He's like, 'think of some questions to ask Braun Strowman. Like an interview-style, and let me know what you've got,'" she added. "It was just right on the spot and it was so amazing and so fun.

"It happened that week and then the next week, they ended up shutting it down," B-Fab stated. "But it was a lot of fun being there. Everyone was going so hard, people were sweaty, it was insane. I thought people were going to get hurt, like the bad hurt. Hurt in the wrong way hurt."

B-Fab also talked about the transition between the original NXT and what fans see now. She revealed what WWE is hoping to achieve with NXT 2.0, which is all about speed and making things faster.

"The biggest difference was that when they made the transition, they wanted everything sped up. NXT already was really fast as far as the wrestling and the moves and stuff like that was really quick. But as far as the time, they wanted to get as many things as they could in that slot for 2.0," she said. "So it became more of putting as many talents as we can put out in this time instead of the wrestling matches. They wanted to fill those hours with more talent so that's what they were focusing on more with 2.0. Putting the talent out there."

Even though NXT 2.0 has provided opportunities for plenty of people, B-Fab prefers the original. She likes that show more because Hit Row didn't fit in and they had to work hard to find their place.

"I liked the original NXT. Just because our group really didn't fit into that — the mold was like a rock feel. But I feel like I loved it because we still found our way. Or found our place in that," she said. "So it was very cool to see us finding our way in that scene. Because it was more like a rock scene you know, more heavy metal, poppy, underground type stuff.

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