Bill Apter Wants Rumored Returning AEW Star To Lead ROH

Legendary journalist Bill Apter was a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, where he spoke about Tony Khan purchasing Ring Of Honor.

He believes it is a great thing overall. This is a situation he did consider was coming, as he had speculated the possibility of an invasion angle.

"I think it's great, and I'll tell you why, I had a feeling a few weeks ago. And I said this to many people," he admitted. "I had a feeling a few weeks ago when Jay Lethal showed up in AEW, 'just weird just to have him there, just kind of, I don't know why. Maybe they're going to bring in some more Ring Of Honor guys?'

"And then I said to a few friends, 'wouldn't it be funny if AEW brought Ring Of Honor in for an invasion angle or something?' Because there has been so much news about Ring Of Honor recently with them possibly relaunching in April. So I have several things that I think are going to happen there."

Bill Apter speculated about two former WWE Superstars that could end up being involved with this project. One of those is Cesaro, who Apter thinks Tony Khan is interested in. Meanwhile, he discussed the possibility of Cody Rhodes returning to the fold.

"I do think that one of the people that Tony Khan is interested in, and he was with Ring Of Honor for such a long time, is Cesaro. I think he's going to be (involved). The other chatter going around is the rumor, and I've tried to track this down, and I can't get any answers yet. I've got my people out there," he noted. "Is, that Cody Rhodes, that this whole thing was planned to make this into a separate company. As you know, his last real independent appearance was with Ring Of Honor in Philadelphia, with The Young Bucks, and I was there for that.

"Cody even said, 'do you want to come into the ring and do a promo with us?' And I said, 'no, I don't want to get in trouble.' So, I don't know, it's all the rumors of course that everyone in the WWE dressing room is all excited because Cody is going to be coming in and this and that. But, can you imagine the swerve that this would be at this point? You know, the cliché of all time is now going to come out of my mouth, 'never say never.'"

While Bill Apter teased the idea of Cody joining ROH, he believes a WWE return is more likely. Bill thinks that fans already know him and his reputation. So much so that the company simply just needs to introduce The American Nightmare to get the response.

"At this point, yeah," Bill said on if there's a higher chance Cody goes to WWE. "The fans obviously, even though AEW fans a lot of them say they don't watch WWE, they do. I see Cody coming out, I thought when AJ Styles came out last week, I thought that was going to be Cody Rhodes, by the way. I saw that the people were thinking that too, you knew people were anticipating that. All they have to do is, 'ladies and gentleman, The American Nightmare.'

"He's already made his reputation, he's been all over social media for three years, and the recent years where he's become The American Nightmare and all this. Everybody knows who he is, and WWE could do the whole thing if Vince was in the broadcast position, 'oh my god, what is he doing? Get the security.' It would be a great angle."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription. 

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