WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart took to Instagram today to pay tribute to his niece, Satania Ecstasy “Tania” Hart, and fellow Hall of Famer Scott Hall.

Hart noted that his niece Tania suddenly passed away this week. She was the daughter of the late Smith Hart, who passed away in 2017 after a battle with prostate cancer. Bret wrote about Tania’s troubled life and said she’s now free and at peace.

“It’s heartbreaking for the entire Hart Family to learn of the sudden passing of my niece Tanya Hart. Of all the Hart grandchildren, nobody had to deal with a troubled life more than her,” Bret wrote. “Tanya’s mother passed away when she was too young to understand. My late brother Smith had many failings as a man, but being a father was his biggest failure despite how hard he tried. I know that every family member always filled in as best they could with love and kindness, but it would never be enough. Tanya never really found a path to happiness, and losing her weighs heavily on us.

“We did our best, but it was never enough for this sweet, troubled girl. We will live with all our fond memories with her sweet smile, her love of cats and her calmness in so many storms. She had a difficult life from the very start, and every day was a struggle, but she’s free and at peace finally. Love is all around her now. She will be missed more than she’ll ever know.”

Regarding Hall, Hart said he wasn’t very close with The Bad Guy in recent years, but he has plenty of happy and fun memories from their friendship. Hall also commented on the grueling pro wrestling schedule and said if the days of wrestling 300 days per year had been kinder and more considerate, he believes many of his old friends and brothers would still be here.

“I’m saddened to hear of the passing of Scott Hall. I wasn’t very close with Scott in his later years, but upon reflection, I can flashback to many happy and fun memories of the days when he was my friend,” Hart wrote. “I think Scott carried many heavy crosses long before I ever knew him. He was a good friend to Owen long before he became Razor Ramon. Wrestling life can be so much fun, and at the same time, it can take all you have at the same time. I will always remember Scott in the better times with his cool, dry sense of humour while playing gently with my sons. We had many matches and he was a hard worker. I loved my matches with him at Royal Rumble and the first King of the Ring in 1993. I fondly look back on so many terrific matches he had with Owen, Davey Boy, Sean Waltman (123 Kid), and Shawn Michaels.

“We’ve lost so many wrestlers from my era, and this is just one more to a list that’s far too long. I won’t blame any one thing, but I do believe that if the days of wrestling 300 days a year had been kinder and more considerate, if we could’ve been home with our loved ones more, many of my old friends and brothers would still be here. I think Scott would smile to know that so many people really loved him and will truly miss him. One more wrestler. A fine machine gone too soon. My thoughts and prayer go out to his family, friends, and loved ones.”

As noted, Hall passed away at the age of 63 on Monday, due to complications from hip surgery, which led to three heart attacks. You can click here to read tributes to Hall from numerous pro wrestling stars and companies.

You can see Bret’s full Instagram posts below:

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