Butch Hopes For WWE Main Roster Story With Fellow NXT Alumni

Newest SmackDown arrival Butch was the latest guest on Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling by BBC Wales. The former Pete Dunne discussed his move from NXT to the blue brand on March 11.

Now officially moving up to the main roster on a permanent basis, the former WWE United Kingdom Champion revealed some of the matches he would like to have.


"Part of it is matching up with people I have some sort of history with, right? Like, Riddle would obviously be one of the main names because we never really got where we were trying to go with that," Butch said. "You know, obviously, I was the tag champion when I had to leave because of the pandemic, and obviously he's doing the stuff with Randy [Orton] at the minute as well. So that's another name that would be great.

"In terms of on SmackDown, I think it would be great to get in there with Shinsuke [Nakamura]. That's a match I wanted for years and years, even before his WWE time. I think the day that we get to go in there would be good stuff. But there are so many people up there that – and I feel like if I don't get up there now and get these matches in, it might end up being too late, right? It's been so long, people like AJ Styles, he's still absolutely killing it."


The former NXT Tag Team Champion elaborated further on a potential encounter between him and "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles.

"Whenever I was a kid, he was my favorite wrestler by far," Butch explained. "This is like wrestling Matt Sydal and people like that. So, those matches were huge for me when I was getting into wrestling, so he's, of course, a name on that list. But a lot of these guys, I don't want to miss out on, right? So getting up here now and potentially having a bunch of these matches and being able to create work, I'm proud of and hopefully, the fans will be really interested in it. And again, now's the time."

Overall, the England-born Superstar revealed that William Regal would have been a dream match he would have liked to have had, however, his sights are firmly focused on AJ Styles.

"It could never happen, right, but the obvious name, [William] Regal," The former NXT Superstar said. "What he's done for all of our careers really, but specifically, you know, you see I wear the same colors when I wrestle and stuff like the impact he's had on my career. He's the obvious name and I think for the fans too. That's the one I hear all the time. 'Oh, I wish I could see that matchup. I wish I could see that matchup'. It's got over him. And if we're talking a more realistic option, obviously, like we said earlier, AJ Styles."


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling by BBC Wales with an h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.