Cain Velasquez Denied Bail In Attempted Murder Case, Lawyer Comments

MMA and pro wrestling star Cain Velasquez remains in a Santa Clara County jail following last Monday's attempted murder shooting near San Jose, California.

As we've noted, Velasquez allegedly chased and shot at a man named Harry Goularte, who was arrested in late February and charged with molesting a "close relative" of Velasquez, and Goularte's step-father and mother that were in the car with him. The incident happened last Monday and Velasquez was charged with first degree attempted murder, shooting into an occupied motor vehicle or aircraft, three counts of assault with a firearm, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a loaded firearm with intent to commit a felony, and willfully discharging a firearm from a vehicle. He is facing decades in prison if convicted. You can click here for details on the incident, the charges against Goularte, and more on the story, and you can click here for Ronda Rousey's reaction.


In an update, Velasquez and high-profile attorney Mark Geragos appeared in front of a judge today to ask for bail, but the request was denied.

Geragos asked the judge for bail to be set so that Velasquez could have the opportunity to return to his family. The judge refused, setting no bail and saying the "risk is too great" for public safety, and for the family of Goularte to release Velasquez.

Prosecutors say Cain's intention was to kill or injure Goularte. Geragos spoke to reporters outside of the courthouse and said the defense plans on vindicating Cain.

"We plan on vindicating Cain. We plan on getting Cain back to his family," Geragos told reporters. "40 years of doing this, I can't believe this is what the criminal justice system thinks is the right outcome."


As they did last week, dozens of Velasquez supporters came to court today with "Free Cain" t-shirts.

A plea to the charges was carried over to Velasquez's next court date, which is set for April 12 at 1:30pm local time.

Stay tuned for more. Below is a local news video from the CBS affiliate in San Francisco: