Chris Jericho Confirms Cody Rhodes has Signed With WWE

On his Talk is Jericho podcast earlier this week, Chris Jericho confirmed that Cody Rhodes is bound for WWE.

As noted earlier, Jericho had 'Gimmick Attorney' Mike Dockins as a guest on the show, and they spoke in length about wrestlers' trademark battles with WWE. While describing what Dockins does, Jericho confirmed that Rhodes will be returning to WWE TV soon.

"I'm pulling back the curtain a little bit on the wrestling business," Jericho said. "You're gonna discover how I've been able to be Chris Jericho no matter what company I work for or where I wrestle. You'll hear how Danhausen gets to keep his name and gimmick from promotion to promotion. How Cody got to reclaim Rhodes from WWE even though he's back in WWE..."

Cody Rhodes is rumored to wrestle Seth Rollins at the upcoming WrestleMania 38 premium live event. He is expected to be a part of the RAW brand, according to PWInsder. As per several other reports, Rhodes will also appear at the RAW after Mania on Monday, April 4.

This week's RAW ended with a seething Seth Rollins threatening to hijack next week's show unless he gets to be on the WrestleMania 38 card. The fans in attendance at the Allstate Arena chanted "Cody" in response, as Rollins continued to wreak havoc at ringside. Rhodes could potentially show up at the Mania go-home episode of RAW this Monday at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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