DDP Reveals Vince McMahon's Original Plans For Scott Hall In WWE

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon initially wanted the late Scott Hall to portray "a GI Joe character" before the Razor Ramon gimmick came to life, according to Diamond Dallas Page.

Speaking on SK Wrestling's Bro Show this week, DDP recalled what Hall told him about McMahon's original plans for The Bad Guy.


"They wanted him to be – Vince told him he wanted him to be a GI Joe character," DDP said. "That was Vince's idea. That was what Scott told me. I don't know... it came out of his [Scott Hall] mouth. And he said [to Vince McMahon] 'You know, I got this other idea.' And when he gave it to him and rolled into character, Vince's like, 'That's it!'"

Prior to his passing, Hall had confirmed the GI Joe story on several occasions.

"I told him – Vince, if you want me to be a GI Joe (type character) I'll be the best damn GI Joe I can be...but have you ever seen Scarface? Say Hello...to the Bad Guy," Hall told Medium.

Hall joined WWE in May 1992 after spending a little over a year in WCW. During his stint in WCW, Hall portrayed the character of The Diamond Studd and was managed by DDP. In 2013, DDP invited Hall into his home in order for  Hall to stay sober and "rebuild his life from the ground up – physically, mentally, professionally, and spiritually."


As seen below, DDP took to Instagram on Thursday to pictures of him spending time with Scott Hall's family. Hall passed away Monday at the age of 63.

Had an awesome steak dinner last night with @realscotthall family
we sat around and told stories of the Bad Guy💥 DDP💎