Ethan Page Comments On Tony Khan Purchasing Ring Of Honor

In an interview with Sports Guys Talk Wrestling, AEW star Ethan Page talked about his character and how he has molded his persona over the years. A big part of that is taking from wrestlers he loved as a child, leading to Ethan Page listing his three favorite wrestlers of all time.

"I go out of my way to look like a wrestler that, when I was a child, would catch my attention," Page revealed. "My favorites are The Rock, Razor Ramon, 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, so I'm taking things from all of my favorites and trying to blend them into something original for 2022 and look like a star. I don't have the flashiest in-ring move-set. I don't have the most acrobatic or breathtaking attacks in the ring.

"But I can take your breath away just by looking at the camera. I can catch people's attention with my outfits, my accessories, my smile. I've got the best smile in professional wrestling. So I'm looking to be a global superstar and I know that's not a word that AEW likes to push around because we're professional wrestlers. I disagree. I want to be a worldwide global star on all entertainment across the globe."

Ethan Page also talked about AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan's recent purchase of Ring of Honor. Page, who worked several matches for ROH from 2013 to 2014, believes the move will be great for the AEW roster and fans, allowing fans more content to watch and AEW talent more opportunities to work.

"It's incredible because it offers more opportunities for the giant roster that is AEW," Page said. "I want to say that there's over 100 professional wrestlers under AEW as far as talent. And now, we're going to have more chances for guys, especially the younger guys, to get in-ring experience and mingle with even more wrestlers. And if you're a fan, this is even crazy for you, because there's going to be more live events.

"There's going to be more content for you to consume. There's going to be more dream matches and possibilities. It's just very exciting and I can't wait to see what Tony does with it. This is the guy that put me and Sky together and it's not an idea or thing that we thought was possible, and it turned out to be my absolute favorite thing of my career so far. So I have an unrivaled trust in Tony Khan for his vision and his goals and I can't wait to see what he does with Ring of Honor."

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