Ethan Page Would Prefer To Be Wrestling Singles Matches In AEW

AEW star "All Ego" Ethan Page recently sat down with Sports Guys Talk Wrestling to talk about his current run with AEW.

Page is a member of Men of the Year, along with AEW TNT Champion Scorpio Sky, as well as the American Top Team stable. While he would prefer to be a singles star, hence the nickname "All Ego", Page says he can work in whatever role he is given.


"My name is All Ego," Page said. "I prefer singles wrestling, but I like money and success more than anything I personally want. So I am a good-to-great, you know what, I'm one of the best tag team wrestlers of all time. I can find the best way to accentuate the positives of my partner and vice versa. I've always been able to combine my talents with the person that I'm teaming with and make a great team. So I enjoy being a tag team wrestler, but I prefer to be spotlight all on All Ego."

Ethan Page then detailed how the team between himself and Scorpio Sky came to be, revealing that the two had shared locker rooms before but hadn't really interacted. Since coming together though, the experience has been one of Page's favorite of his career.


"The day that it was brought to myself and Scorpio Sky that would be teaming together was probably the day that we, not met, but actually had a genuine interaction," Page said. "We shared locker rooms together, we've shaken hands, we've said 'hello', but we've never actually kind of sat and chatted. And I can honestly say, I've been with AEW for a year and teaming up with and becoming a member of ATT, especially with Scorpio Sky has been probably one of the greatest joys and successes of my career.

"I absolutely love Scorpio Sky. I think we have unrivaled chemistry with in-ring, with promos, how we dress, how we talk, how we are around each other. It's been incredible. And then we have Dan Lambert who is bringing in, not just MMA fighters, we're talking about global stars like Paige Van Zant, (who) has signed with AEW. That's huge, and her husband, Austin Vanderford, just fought in Ireland for, I believe, the Bellator World Title.

"Jorge Masvidal was standing in the middle of the ring with Junior Dos Santos and the Men of the Year in front of 22,000 people in New York. There's been some big moments for me that I'll remember for the rest of my life, and these are big shining moments for a big audience to see the talent and skill level, not only of Scorpio Sky, but All Ego Ethan Page, so it's been amazing."


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