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GCW Astronaut 2022 card announced before the show (subject to change)

The H8 Club (Matt Tremont & Nick Gage) (c) vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) in a Death Match for the GCW Tag Team Championship

AJ Gray (c) vs. Effy for the GCW Extreme Championship

Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian

Matt Cardona vs. Mike Jackson

Jordynne Grace vs. Allie Katch

ACH vs. Tony Deppen

AR Fox vs. Nick Wayne

Gringo Loco vs. Ninja Mack

– A video package opens the show focusing on space and Atlanta, Georgia.

AR Fox w/ Ayla vs. Nick Wayne

Both men shake hands to start things off. They lock up as they test each other’s strength and power. Both wrestlers then show off their athleticism, countering each other’s moves, before throwing forearms at the same time.  They then dodge each other’s moves on the apron and on the outside, before returning to the ring reaching a stalemate. Nick Wayne scores a near fall and then executes a wonderful Headscissors on Fox to send him out of the ring. Fox turns the tables and delivers a Moonsault off the apron onto Nick Wayne.

Nick Wayne is then draped on the apron, as AR Fox delivers a Legdrop from the top turnbuckle. He then goes for the cover but Wayne kicks out. Fox hits a Dropkick to the face as Nick Wayne lay in the corner of the ring. Nick eventually counters with a flurry of kicks, before delivering a Sunset Flip which he follows up with a cover, but AR Fox got his shoulder up. AR Fox sends Wayne into the corner, before delivering a Cutter in the middle of the ring. Fox covers Wayne again but he kicks out at two.

AR Fox headed to the top turnbuckle, but Nick Wayne moved out of the way. Nick Wayne then delivers his own Cutter but then meets a big boot from Fox. After trading a number of moves, Wayne finishes the sequence with a Spanish Fly. Wayne and AR Fox then trade near falls. AR Fox hits a Spanish Fly from the top turnbuckle and follows it up with a 450 Splash to pick up the victory.

Winner: AR Fox w/ Ayla via pinfall

Gringo Loco vs. Ninja Mack

Both wrestlers start the contest off by each going to the top rope to feel the reaction from the crowd. Ninja Mack initially shows off his quickness, which Gringo Loco follows up by displaying his own athleticism. Ninja Mack grounds Gringo Loco and locks Loco in a choke, using the body scissors for extra leverage. Both wrestlers then return to their feet as Gringo Loco looks rattled.

Gringo Loco slides out of the ring, but Ninja Mack Moonsaults over the ropes onto Loco. Back in the ring, Loco lays in the middle of the ring as Mack hit a Shooting Star Press, but it wasn’t enough to put Gringo Loco away. Mack heads for the top turnbuckle again and Loco goes for the slam, but Ninja Mack landed on his feet. Gringo Loco is placed on the top rope by Ninja Mack, but Mack appears to miss his move. Loco sees the advantage and delivered a Cutter in the middle of the ring.

Ninja Mack is then on the outside, as Gringo Loco takes flight taking a dive over the top rope to take his opponent out. Gringo then goes under the ring and sends a number of weapons into the ring, including a wooden door which he sets up in one corner. Both wrestlers collide in the opposing corner, exchanging blows. They then climb to the top turnbuckle as Gringo Loco hits a huge Spanish Fly. Gringo sets up two chairs and places the wooden door on top of them. Ninja Mack goes to the top, but Gringo catches him on the back. Both stand on the top turnbuckle as Gringo delivers a Sit Down Powerbomb through the wooden door to secure the win.

Winner: Gringo Loco via pinfall

– Matt Cardona flips the bird to a fan holding a “F*ck Cardona” sign in the crowd before he enters the ring. The fans follow up by chanting “Shut the f*ck up” as Cardona begins to speak. Cardona says Brett Lauderdale is cheap for booking him a commercial flight. Cardona reminds everybody of his accomplishments. He talks up Joey Janela’s Spring Break coming up and says it should be called Matt Cardona’s Spring Break. Cardona says the last time he was in Texas for WrestleMania he became Intercontinental Champion. He says he’s a superstar. Cardona says he should be fighting for the GCW Title. He then talks about Jon Moxley saying he only turns up for the big shows, whereas he is here every show. Cardona then talks up his upcoming match during The Collective with Chris Dickinson. Matt Cardona says it’s just another payday to him. Cardona says he’s nervous about his match against Mike Jackson. Cardona says he’s the Death Match Champion and he’s going to infinity and beyond.

Matt Cardona vs. Mike Jackson

Cardona extends his hand as Jackson shakes it. Cardona asks Jackson to lay down for him. Jackson lays down as Cardona goes for the cover, but Jackson reverses it into his own pin attempt. Jackson then shoves Matt Cardona down, before striking him in the face. Cardona is on the outside and takes his time to regroup. He heads back into the ring and goes for another handshake, but this time kicks Mike Jackson in the stomach. Jackson immediately counters and takes Cardona off his feet with an Armdrag.

Jackson then dives through the middle rope to take Matt Cardona out at ringside. Jackson delivers a number of strikes around the ringside area, before sending Cardon back into the ring. As Jackson stepped through the ropes, Cardona kicks the middle rope to take down the legend. Cardona takes control of the match, kicking Jackson in the back of the head whilst he’s down on the canvas. Cardona rips off his shirt and chokes Jackson with it. Jackson eventually turns the tables and shows off his agility by walking the top ropes as he has ahold of Cardona’s knuckles. As Jackson got back onto the mat, Cardona took advantage. Cardona delivers a vicious boot to the head three times as Jackon lay in the corner. Cardona then drags him to the middle of the ring to score the victory.

Winner: Matt Cardona via pinfall

– After the match, Cardona calls Jackson a piece of trash. Cardona calls Chris Dickinson a pussy and says he’s going to make Dickinson his b---h. Dickinson appears at ringside and is ready for a fight. Cardona says he doesn’t want to wait and suggests they fight now. As soon as Dickinson hit the ring, Cardona escaped. He is greeted by Mike Jackson who delivers a number of strikes before sending him into the ring. Dickinson goes for a Powerbomb, but Cardona wriggles out and escapes again.

ACH vs. Tony Deppen

The opening bell rings as the fans chant for both wrestlers. Deppen refuses ACH’s handshake, as both wrestlers show off their quickness before reaching a stalemate. They exchange forearms in the middle of the ring. ACH takes Deppen down with Headscissors and then follows up with a Dropkick sending Deppen to the floor. Back in the ring, ACH delivers a number of huge chops to Deppen’s chest. Deppen then manages to get the upper hand and drives ACH into the corner. Both men then go to the top turnbuckle, but Deppen grabs hold of ACH’s arm and jumps down as he collides with the top rope.

In the middle of the ring, Deppen now goes to work on the arm. He then locks ACH’s arm into a Hammerlock. Deppen goes for a cover, but ACH kicks out. The fans chant for Deppen to do a flip. He teases it, but instead slowly falls back onto ACH. ACH fires and takes Deppen down with a blow to the midsection. He follows up delivering more chops to Deppen in the corner of the ring. ACH hits two German Suplexes and bridges, but Deppen kicks out of the cover. ACH tries to hoist Deppen up, but he’s struggling with his arm. They trade blows in the middle of the ring. Deppen then catches ACH and locks him into submission, but ACH uses his strength to break free. ACH manages to hit a Brainbuster, but Deppen kicks out of the pinfall at two.

Deppen takes ACH down with the knees on the canvas. He then goes to the top turnbuckle and delivers a double stomp, but ACH kicks out of the cover. Both men are now back on the top turnbuckle, and ACH delivers a Gutbuster. ACH follows it up with a Sharpshooter, but Deppen forces a break as he reaches the bottom rope. Deppen hits a cheap shot on ACH. They now exchange forearm shots once more. The pace quickens, and Deppen eventually locks ACH into a submission, locking in his arm. ACH manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. Deppen then pulls ACH away from the ropes and goes to the top turnbuckle. ACH manages to get back up and hits a chop to the chest of Deppen. ACH walks the turnbuckles and delivers a kick to Deppen. Deppen then steals the victory by rolling up ACH, whilst having his feet on the bottom rope for leverage.

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Zen Shi vs. Cole Radrick vs. Manders vs. Alex Colon in a Scramble Match

Alex Colon had just returned from the UK after having won the TNT Extreme Championship. Manders immediately goes under the ring and pulls out a wooden door. Radrick knocks Manders off his feet on the outside, sending the door crashing into him. Jordan Oliver then takes control for a moment, as Zen Shi gains an upper hand. Cole Radrick returns to the ring and plants Zen Shi and manages to score a near fall. Manders then brings the wooden door into the ring. A chair is then introduced. Cole Radrick sets up the door in the corner of the ring, before Manders Powerslams him through it. Manders goes for the cover, but Cole kicks out.

Jimmy Lloyd smashes the wooden door over the head of Manders, and Manders repeatedly asks him to deliver the blows. Lloyd then hits a DDT through a part of the door. Jordan Oliver returns to the ring and delivers a big boot to the face of Jimmy Lloyd. Cole Radrick enters the fray again and sends Oliver to the outside. Cole then dives onto the outside taking out Manders and Zen Shi. Alex Colon is now in the ring. Colon delivers a Death Valley Driver on the apron to Cole Radrick and Zen Shi.

Manders uses a steel chair on the outside, but Colon takes it from him and smashes him over the head. Jordan Oliver then dives off the cage that is set up fencing off the fans and dives onto all of the competitors below. Oliver and Cole Radrick are now in the ring. Cole delivers a Superkick, but Oliver responds with a Suplex, but Radrick counters. Jordan Oliver then manages to deliver a Tombstone Piledriver in the middle of the ring, but Alex Colon jumps from the top turnbuckle delivering a stomp to break up the cover.

On the outside, Alex Colon finds another wooden door and a couple more chairs. Jimmy Lloyd re-enters the ring and plants Colon. Manders gets in on the action and turns Lloyd inside out with a lariat. Manders set up the wooden door on top of two steel chairs. Cole Radrick returns to the ring and hits a number of chops to Manders. Cole Radrick then connects with a Cutter. Zen Shi breaks up the pin attempt. Zen Shi goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a spinning flip onto the outside. Zen Shi returns to the ring as he looks to finish off Manders by placing him on top of the door. Alex Colon hits part of the earlier broken door onto the skull of Zen Shi and then hits a Spanish Fly through the door below to win.

Winner: Alex Colon via pinfall

– Alex Colon grabs a microphone after the match. Colon says people have been questioning his passion and desire. Colon says John Wayne Murdoch doesn’t have the right to question him. Colon mentions his recent trip to Liverpool to perform for TNT Extreme Wrestling. Colon says at The Collective John Wayne Murdoch will have to kill him to take his Ultraviolent Championship.

Kavron Kanyon & Bobby Flaco vs. Ash Bennett & Rico Gonzalez WWA4 Showcase Match

Gonzalez controls early on. He tags Ash Bennett into the match before Gonzalez takes flight from the top landing on Flaco. Kanyon then enters the match to take on Ash. Ash hits a big boot on Kanyon, who falls to the outside. Ash attempts a dive through the middle rope, but Kanyon dodges it. Flaco and Kanyon work together. Flaco then dives from the top to take out Ash and Gonzalez.

Ash is sent into the corner as Kanyon and Flaco dominate and once again use their teamwork. Kanyon then Powerbombs Gonzalez onto the top of Ash Bennett. Flaco goes to the top rope, but Joey Janela then appears and the referee throws the match out, as Janela attacks everybody in the contest. Janela then lights up a cigarette and uses X-Pac’s signature move the Bronco Buster.

Winner: No contest

– Joey Janela grabs a chair and a microphone then sits in the middle of the ring. Janela says we will see none of those guys at Spring Break. Janela says they’re in the home of Ted Turner and Cody Rhodes. Janela says hi to Cody. Janela wants his flowers and they can be given to him in three weeks when he takes on X-Pac. Janela says it isn’t a show, it is a ceremony. Janela says he doesn’t want to kill X-Pac, but he has to kill him. Joey says he is one of the smartest men in the business. Janela says if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t be in Atlanta tonight. Janela says if Zandig hadn’t thrown him off a building then AEW wouldn’t be in business and WWE wouldn’t have a Saudi deal. Janela tells everyone to bring his flowers to Spring Break 6 in Dallas.

Jordynne Grace vs. Allie Katch

Grace and Katch shake hands before the match begins. Grace immediately uses a shoulder tackle to take down her opponent. Allie chops Grace in the chest then follows it up with a cartwheel and Dropkick. Grace and Katch trade blows before Jordynne shows her strength by delivering a big Suplex. Grace chops Katch in the corner of the ring with an open hand. Grace then repeatedly charges into Allie Katch in the corner. She goes for a cover, but Katch kicks out at two. Grace hits another Suplex, but Allie gets her shoulder up from the subsequent bridge. Katch tries to build some momentum, but Jordynne takes Allie down with her feet and then stands on her.

Jordynne sends Katch into the corner. Allie Katch manages to dodge and delivers a knee strike to the face of Jordynne. Allie then hits a big elbow to Grace. Jordynne is down in the corner as Allie connects with a Cannonball. Allie lifts Grace up and plants her into the mat, but only scores a near fall. Jordynne responds with a number of backhand strikes. Grace hoists her up on her shoulders then drives her into the canvas, but Allie Katch kicks out of the pin attempt. Grace lifts Allie Katch up to the top turnbuckle but Katch escapes.

Katch now places Jordynne on the top turnbuckle. Allie hits a Superplex and follows it with a Piledriver, but Grace kicks out of the pin attempt. Grace and Katch now trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Jordynne hits a double Bodyslam and they go face-to-face. Grace drives her into the canvas again, but Allie Katch kicks out of the cover. Katch and Grace go for the headbutt at the same time. Grace is now on the apron and she slaps Allie Katch before locking in a Sleeper. Katch counters and hits another Piledriver through the middle ropes to win.

Winner: Allie Katch via pinfall

AJ Gray (c) vs. Effy for the GCW Extreme Championship

Effy immediately goes after AJ Gray and hits two big boots to the face of the champion in the corner. Effy sends Gray headfirst into the turnbuckle and then locks the Gray in a Tarantula on the ropes. Gray pulls out a wooden door from underneath the ring. He uses it on Effy on the apron and then delivers a DDT to the concrete floor. AJ places the wooden door on top of Effy. Gray jumps from the apron onto the door and Effy. Gray then hits a number of chops to the chest of Effy on the outside. Effy gives it back and delivers his own chops to the champion.

The fight then goes into the crowd. Gray delivers another huge chop right next to the fans. Effy grabs a chair, but AJ Gray kicks through the chair to take the challenger down. Effy responds by throwing the chair in Gray’s direction. Back in the ring, Gray brings in the steel chair. He places the chair over Effy and then jumps onto the seat as it crushes the challenger below. AJ Gray goes to the top rope and connects with a Legdrop, but Effy kicks out of the cover. Back on their feet, both men trade slaps to the face. Effy then plants AJ head first onto the mat, but AJ gets his shoulder up at the last second to kick out of the pin. Effy goes to the top, but Gray knocks him down. Gray then hits a Superplex to Effy, but he kicks out of the cover once again.

Gray picks Effy up from the mat and slaps him hard in the face. Gray then Suplexes Effy into the turnbuckles, and Gray only scores a two count with the pin once more. Gray delivers a big kick to Effy’s chest and follows it up with a chop to the chest. Effy responds with his own chops. AJ Gray hits a devastating lariat to pick up the win.

Winner: Still GCW Extreme Champion, AJ Gray via pinfall

Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian

The fans chant for both men before the bell rings and they shake hands. Gresham immediately looks to take Blake down. Blake reverses and locks in a Wristlock, but Gresham cartwheels out to escape the hold. They shake hands once again. Gresham takes Blake down, but Blake counters it into a Headlock. Gresham tries to escape and eventually does. Gresham tries to roll Blake up, but he immediately kicks out. They shake hands for the third time. Blake uses his quickness and manages to take the Original ROH Champion down with a small package, but Gresham kicks out. They shake hands for the fourth time.

Gresham takes Blake Christian down to the mat again. Back on their feet, Gresham has a Hammerlock locked in. The pace picks up as both men hit the ropes and counter one another’s moves. Gresham hits a Headscissors, but Blake lands on his feet. Gresham nails a Dropkick, but Blake returns to his feet once again. Gresham hits the ropes, and Blake Christian hits him with his own Dropkick. Blake goes for a fifth handshake, but Gresham smacks his hand out of the way. Gresham uses his explosive offence to take Blake down. Gresham has Blake down on the canvas once more with a Wristlock, then an Armbar locked in on Blake’s left arm. Gresham then takes Blake down with an Armdrag and continues to work on Blake’s left arm.

Gresham stretches the left leg of Blake Christian. Blake finds himself in a pinning position but kicks out just in time. Blake uses his quickness and manages to connect with a kick to Gresham. Blake hits a Powerslam and then hits a Hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle. Blake Christian then hits a Moonsault from the ropes, but Gresham kicks out of the pinfall. The fans chant for both wrestlers. Gresham goes back to working on Blake’s left arm and scores a number of near falls as he takes Blake Christian to the limit. Blake and Gresham then trade forearms. Gresham connects with a shoulder tackle. Gresham goes back to working on the left arm.

Blake manages to connect with a Standing Splash. Blake goes for the kick, but Gresham avoids it. He then manages to deliver a Suplex and a kick, but Gresham kicks out of his pin attempt. The pace picks up once more, and Gresham hits a big Clothesline on Blake, then follows it up by locking in a Crossface. Back on their feet, Gresham delivers multiple Snap Suplexes, then locks in The Octopus. Gresham clobbers Blake whilst he stretches him, but Blake manages to escape. They trade forearms once more in the middle of the ring.

Blake delivers a Suplex, despite struggling with his left arm. Blake hits a combination of kicks, but Gresham counters. Blake then hits a big knee to Gresham. Blake hits another combination of moves, but Gresham manages to lock in another Crossface. Gresham pulls Blake’s hand away from the rope. Blake reverses into a cover. Gresham then locks in The Octopus in the middle of the ring and smashes Blake’s head with a number of strikes, as the referee calls for the bell and awards the win to Gresham.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham via referee stoppage

– Jonathan Gresham and Blake Christian shake hands after the match. Blake grabs a microphone and says he let himself down tonight, and wants to be real with the fans tonight. Blake says people don’t get what All Heart means. Blake says before he started wrestling he was in a dark dark place and he wanted to end his life, and he tried. Blake says his heart said f*ck you, you’re not going and continued to fight on. Blake says every time everyone chants All Heart he feels it. He says not only did wrestling save his life, but all of the fans did too.

The H8 Club (Matt Tremont & Nick Gage) (c) vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) in a Death Match for the GCW Tag Team Championship

All four men square off and they begin to brawl. Mance Warner sends Nick Gage to the outside, as Justice sends Tremont out on the other side. Justice grabs a chair and smashes Tremont with it. Nick Gage tells a fan to hold a chair, and Mance Warner is sent crashing into it. Justice then dives off the apron and lands on a chair tailbone first. Mance takes control of his fight with Gage and uses a crutch on him. Gage replies by using a prosthetic leg on Mance. Warner smashes Tremont with a chair.

Mance and Gage then take a seat in front of one another and trade punches, forearms and headbutts. Tremont uses a steel chair on Matthew Justice. Gage takes Mance Warner out with a running shoulder charge. Justice hits a steel chair on the back of Matt Tremont on an elevated level of the venue. Justice uses a fan’s AEW Title on Tremont. Justice then takes to the top of an elevated position and does a front flip onto Tremont below. Nick Gage then brings a box of light tubes to the ring. Gage shares the light tubes with Mance Warner and they go to war, smashing each other with them. Both Gage and Warner are busted open. Gage uses a smashed tube and rubs it in the forehead of Warner.

Gage and Warner take their fight to the outside once more, as Gage forces Mance’s face into the steel fencing in the venue. Justice rejoins the action and hits a DDT on Gage in the middle of the ring. Gage grabs some more light tubes and places them in front of Justice who is sitting in the corner. Mance stops Gage in his tracks and smashes a chair against his head. Justice then goes under the ring and sends two wooden doors into the ring. Justice and Warner set them up in the ring, with one on top of two chairs, and one propped up in the corner. Tremont returns to the ring and grabs a stapler, and uses it on the head of Mance Warner and Matthew Justice.

Justice smashes a chair against the back of Tremont. Mance has a fork in his hand and drives it into the forehead of Matt Tremont, before hitting him over the head with a light tube. Warner then delivers a DDT into the broken glass. Nick Gage then rises and hits a number of tubes on the head of Justice, and a steel chair to the head of Warner. Gage then places light tubes over Mance Warner in the corner. He gets a running start and hits a Facewash, smashing the tubes in Mance’s face. Gage sets up a wooden door on top of two chairs. Gage takes Mance up to the top turnbuckle and hits a Piledriver through the wooden door and covered, but Justice also hit a Splash on Tremont at the same time and covered, as the referee counted the one, two, three. It is announced that the referee has decided that due to a double pin, the match ends in a draw and the titles will not change hands.

Winner: Draw, and Still GCW Tag Team Champions, The H8 Club

– Tremont gets on the microphone after the match and says at Spring Break in Dallas there will be a three-way between The H8 Club, The Second Gear Crew and The Briscoes for the GCW Tag Team Championship.

– That’s all for GCW Astronaut 2022!

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