Jake Roberts Says Vince McMahon Told WWE HOFer To Curse On TV To Win Bet

On the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, AEW's Jake Roberts recalled a time where "Stone Cold" Steve Austin got Vince McMahon in hot water for swearing.

According to Roberts, the USA Network was not thrilled when Austin started using the word ass frequently on RAW during his rise.


"USA had gotten on Vince's ass about Austin," Roberts said. "He said ass. They didn't want him to say ass anymore. And so Vince got Steve right at the desk and said, 'Steve, dammit, USA's up my butt. Do NOT say ass out there. I don't need the aggravation. You hear me?' Steve said, 'Yes sir.'"

Despite the warning from Vince McMahon, Roberts revealed that McMahon and Bruce Prichard would later make a bet about how many times Austin would use the word ass on TV. McMahon would win the bet after secretly tellingĀ  Steve Austin to say the word behind Prichard's back.

"There's Bruce Prichard sitting over there at the Gorilla position, and Steve goes and he looks at Vince and goes, 'I bet he screws up and says ass,'" Roberts recalled. "And Vince said, 'you want to bet how many times he'll say ass?' Prichard said, 'he'll say it twice.' Vince said, 'I bet he'll say it more than that.' A five-dollar bet. Austin went out there but poor Bruce did not know that Vince walked around the curtain and grabbed Steve just as he was about to go through the curtain and said 'say it at least 15 times.'


"And he let him go. He went out there and said ass every time he turned around. 'Ass. Ass.' Prichard's in the back crying, 'What the f-ck. I can't believe he's doing that.' Vince is like, 'I'm gonna break his neck. I'm gonna kill him. He's going to get us kicked off TV.' And Prichard is like, 'Holy sh-t, Vince, don't be that mad at him.' Bruce didn't want Steve to get kiboshed. Vince worked Bruce many times, that was just one."

To quote this article, please credit DDP Snake Pit and provide an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription