Jay Briscoe Apologizes Again For Past Homophobic Slurs: “It Was Stupid”

Jay Briscoe is once again apologizing for using homophobic slurs in the past.

In an interview with the Battleground Podcast the former ROH World Champion called his past remarks stupid, apologized once more for making them, and said that he and his brother, Mark Briscoe, loved everybody.

"I want to say, thank you to the people who really know...we get labeled as homophobes," Briscoe said. "I put out a stupid tweet nine years ago, the most dumbest, immature, obnoxious shit I've ever done. I don't want anybody, from any walk of life, to feel like they can't care for the Briscoes because I promise we love everybody. We love everybody and we just want to go out there and be pro wrestlers and give the best match that we can.

"I said some dumb shit a long time ago, I apologized for it and I'll apologize for it again. It was stupid. I feel like now there are people who look at us like 'we can't cheer for them because they hate a certain group of people.' We don't hate nobody. We love everybody. We're just some country boys. I thought I was taking a stand for the Lord back in the day."

Jay Briscoe's apology comes days after a report suggested that WarnerMedia was against AEW signing The Briscoe Brothers due to their past use of homophobic slurs. Mark Briscoe, who joined his brother on the podcast, chimed in with his thoughts on the matter.

"You realized, from that immaturity, that's not what you were doing because anything, God and the Lord, he has love above anything," Mark Briscoe said. "That card trumps anything else. What you thought you were doing, taking a stand for the Lord, was counterproductive to the kingdom of God, not only to being a human being and relating with other humans that we live with and love."

Jay Briscoe did admit later that his past comments had likely led to fans labeling him and his brother in certain way. He wanted to assure fans that was not the case, and that the duo had grown since his past remarks.

"I feel like people label us a certain way," Jay Briscoe said. "Trust me, we're not like that."

It should be noted the episode appears to have been pulled and these transcriptions are courtesy of Fightful.

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