The Undertaker will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2022 during this year’s WrestleMania 38 weekend and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke about the big news on the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast.

Ross mentioned why other people going into the Hall this year need to be respectful to Taker, giving him the time he needs to say his speech. Although some thought Taker should go into the Hall of Fame as a solo induction this year, Vader was announced as the second induction this year in Texas.

“They don’t need to go over on their speech to cut him short,” Ross said, regarding other talent that get inducted this year. “That would be very damaging and very disrespectful.”

WWE released a hype video along with the announcement of The Undertaker entering the HOF that caught Jim Ross’ attention. The four minute tribute video featured some of The Deadman’s greatest moments from his career, but included only one line from the legendary commentator who was calling the matches for the majority of Takers career.

Ross spoke his lack of audio from the clip and why he was upset, given that he never left the company high and dry to deserve that.

“What really matters is how many JR soundbites has been in any of these packages,” Ross said, jokingly about WWE removing him from the audio, although there was a line from him while Undertaker was on a motorcycle dragging Hulk Hogan backstage. “Is the wrestling war that volatile that the guy that was the soundtrack of the biggest moments in Undertaker’s career is eliminated? Is that authentic or is it just being selfish or vindictive? It’s not like I walked out of [WWE].

“It’s not like I left them high and dry somewhere or I didn’t do my job. It’s all optics and that’s not fair to the fans. Why wouldn’t the fans be interested or entertained by hearing a bite that I did live? Are they going to dub somebody else’s voice in when Taker tosses Mick [Foley] off the Hell in a Cell in June of 1998?”

Speaking of WWE Hall of Famers, Stone Cold Steve Austin has been announced for WrestleMania 38 as a guest on the Kevin Owens show. Jim Ross spoke about Steve Austin and The Undertaker’s relationship and the fact that two of WWE’s biggest stars just never had the correct chemistry to give the fans an all-time classic match.

“I love both those guys, Austin and Taker, because they served the locker room well when I was the head of talent relations,” Ross said. “They were happy to help me with the talent if I needed it, they were supportive and very reliable. I just thought the world of both of those guys but they didn’t have great chemistry together. They had great respect for each other and still do to this day.

“If Austin’s not at Undertakers Hall of Fame induction I’ll be shocked. They’re two Texas boys that grew up as wrestling fans, watching Paul Bosch wrestling out of Houston a lot. Watching World Class, Mid South, they have so much in common. Some guys just don’t have great chemistry and it’s not an indictment. I wouldn’t trade either guy for any other two stars that I ever managed or worked with in my role as the head of talent relations. You start a roster and you didn’t pick those two guys, you’re an idiot.”

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