During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, AEW commentator Jim Ross spoke about WrestleMania 13 and revealed that WWE had plans to bring in the Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman for an appearance on the show.

Ross spoke about the fallout between Rodman and WWE and what the reaction was backstage from people within the company once Rodman showed up in WCW with the nWo.

“It was frustrating for everybody,” Ross said. “We all had thought that for a one-off, one-time-only appearance for Dennis it would be a hit. He was polarizing and we were disappointed, no doubt, because it seemed like it was going to be a layup that he was what we needed for that attraction, that outsider coming in. It was disappointing.”

In 2019, WCW President Eric Bischoff revealed what the company paid Rodman to appear on Monday Nitro with the nWo while his Bulls were in the NBA Playoffs.

Jim Ross spoke about Bischoff going out and pushing for Rodman to have a role on WCW and why WWE wasn’t interested in having the NBA Hall of Famer for more than a one-off.

“[Eric] knew it would have an impact on various fronts and he was smart enough, aggressive enough, and bold enough to make it happen,” Ross said. “Simple as that. They paid Rodman, I’m sure, a lot more than what Vince and I were going to pay him. It’s an unknown, how’s he going to react, how’s he going to be? It was disappointing, was it a deal-breaker? It was always going to be a one-night deal.

“I know WCW got more than one out of Dennis but did all those others do well? I don’t know, I don’t know how that all panned out but it was a successful investment for Bischoff and WCW with Dennis Rodman.”

During this time, WWE was running a very tough and demanding schedule on talent, taking barely any days off and traveling each and every day. To deal with the struggles of the road and the grind of professional wrestling, many superstars turned to alcohol and late nights out on the town as a stress reliever.

Jim Ross spoke about what he’d tell talent to do besides drinking and going out and reveals a funny thing Viscera told him about how he relieved stress.

“My theory was always, I told some guys off the record, why don’t you just go and have a joint, order some pizza, sit in your room, watch a movie,” Ross said. “It reminds me of Viscera telling me he took Viagra to watch porn and I don’t know if he smoked pot, but he had his recreation. You got to get guys some kind of escape and that’s an extreme example quite frankly.”

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