Jimmy Yang Recalls Backstage Reaction To Seth Rollins’ Fan Attack

In an interview with the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast, former WWE wrestler and agent Jimmy Yang gave his version of events the night Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan on Monday Night RAW.

According to Jimmy Yang, his wrestling instincts kicked in as soon as he heard fellow agent and former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman alert everyone that the fan had attacked.


"It was crazy and really, like, that's where my wrestling instincts (kicked in)," Yang said. "I was the next match, I was the producer for the next match we were watching Seth's match and all that stuff. So I'm about to be up on the headset, so I'm sitting there and Billy Kidman is in Briscoe's spot in the Gorilla Position.

"So basically he sees it all, he sees everything. He has all the monitors, sees everything, and all I heard was 'Seth got attacked.' And I see Billy take off and just wrestler instinct is like, 'okay, let's go take, zoom.' We got each other's back. I heard 'Seth got attacked.' Zoom, Billy goes. Zoom, I go. We just go in there too, just make sure Seth's okay. So, you know, my mindset running out there. Luckily, Billy and Adam Pearce got there before me because it would've been, I would've spidermonkeyed that dude."


Jimmy Yang admitted that the moment itself was scary, due to no one knowing if the fan had any kind of weapon on him. He did also admit however that there was a moment of levity soon after the situation was calmed down.

"It's such a scary moment, cause if he had a knife, if he had some kind of weapon, going that fast, that's such a crazy situation and luckily nobody got seriously hurt," Yang said. "But the funny part was pulling this dude out. Like, we all have him, pulling him, taking him out, right? And all of a sudden, we're dragging him across the floor and his like, pants just go down to his ankle. Butt, a– hanging out, just everything. It got really intense and then it was like, 'oh sh-t, this dude's a– and balls are hanging out.'"

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