WWE Superstar John Cena recently spoke with People.com where he talked about wearing his Peacemaker outfit in interviews and red carpets, which he says he did to make people familiar with it.

“Well, I guess you’d have to ask her,” he said on his wife’s thoughts. “The reason I wanted to be in the costume is simply to get people familiar with it. James Gunn has such a great way of taking little to unknown characters in his success, like Guardians of the Galaxy, and making them commonplace, making us relate and making them known.”

John Cena likened the worlds of The Suicide Squad to WWE. He noted how it’s all about making people understand the character. Cena talked about wearing the t-shirt and shorts all the time, which fans began to attach specifically to him.

“With The Suicide Squad, there were so many characters and so many personalities. I just wanted to try to familiarize the audience with my little piece, pun intended. It’s very similar to the approach that I use with the WWE when I was performing full-time there. I would be in all interviews in the John Cena outfit of a ball cap, T-shirt, shorts, and wristbands. People began to associate that character and become familiar with that character,” he noted. “That’s just the same approach I used in Peacemaker.”

John Cena believes a lot of people don’t do that because it isn’t who they are. However, he just wanted people to be excited about the movie, and then kick on when it came to the television show.

“A lot of people may shy away from that approach because it doesn’t… it’s not indicative of who they genuinely are, and it’s not who I am. That’s Peacemaker,” Cena said. “But I wanted the audience to be familiar with Peacemaker. Whether that’s what worked or not, I don’t know. Man, I remember when we released a teaser at San Diego Comic-Con.

“There was already Peacemaker cosplay, there was already Peacemaker fan art. This is from a character that if you watch The Suicide Squad, isn’t on-screen that much. So I was just trying to get people excited for the movie and certainly when James had the idea for the spinoff, I really wanted to go forward to do my part to familiarize people with the character.”

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