Jon Moxley will face Will Ospreay at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Windy City Riot show in Chicago on Saturday, April 16. NJPW officially announced the match on Saturday.

“Like the wise man once said, ‘Don’t start nothin’. Won’t be nothin”,” Moxley said in a video released by NJPW on Friday. “I can’t believe it’s come to this. I thought we were cool. We shared Korean barbeque together. We walked around stupid in the streets of Tokyo together drinking Strong Zeros. I thought we were cool, but you think you can pick up a microphone and say whatever you want. You think you can put my name in your mouth. You think you can say whatever you want and just because there’s an ocean between us it won’t get back to me? Nuh-uh.  It’s time to learn that your words have consequences.

“I may have never seen a wrestler in the ring, a performer more talented than Will Ospreay,” Moxley continued. “I wish I had just a fraction of the talent of Will Ospreay. But it might be time to beat some humility into Will Ospreay because he’s walking around, acting, talking like a clown. And there’s no faster way to learn humility than to have to vomit up your own teeth after they get knocked down your throat.

“So on April 16th, I am going to pound Will Ospreay into the mat like a railroad spike,” Moxley concluded. “We can do it at New Japan Windy City Riot. Or, we can do it in the parking lot. Either way, it’s all the same to me. I’ll be in Chicago [on] April 16th either way.”

Will Ospreay is currently in Japan participating in the New Japan Cup tournament. He defeated SANADA on Thursday to advance to the quarterfinals.

Ospreay has been calling out Moxley for weeks. He did so again during his backstage comments following Thursday’s NJPW card.

“I think Jon Moxley is a p*ssy,” Ospreay said. “I’m literally calling you out. You’re saying that you want to wrestle the best wrestlers in New Japan. I’m right f*cking here! Where are you? Hiding in the corner, being slapped around by Papa Regal.”

Windy City Riot will be held at Chicago’s Odeum Expo Center on Saturday, April 16. The live pay-per-view broadcast will be available exclusively on FITE TV. NJPW says the event will be made available on NJPW World at a later date.

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