KAIRI Suffers Injury At STARDOM World Climax: The Top

As seen in the video below, STARDOM's KAIRI (formerly Kairi Sane in WWE) announced that she suffered an injury during her first singles match back with the promotion.

"My eardrum [is] ruptured right now, so I can't hear.... Each move had weight, and I was on fire during the fight," she said. "She was a different person from the previous [Starlight] Kid. My eardrum was torn, but I was happy, or rather, the pain made me happy."

Today saw the final installment of STARDOM's World Climax events, emanating from Ryōgoku Sumo Hall in Japan. As noted, KAIRI made her return to in-ring action during yesterday's show when she teamed with Mayu Iwatani to pick up a win over Tam Nakano and Unagi Sayaka.

This was KAIRI's first singles match since before she left WWE in July 2020. She ended up victorious in the bout after hitting her signature elbow drop from the top rope.

It usually takes around two months for a ruptured eardrum to heal, and during that time, it is encouraged that the individual avoids swimming and other physical activity. Stay tuned for updates on KAIRI.

You can see the video of the press release below, along with highlights from KAIRI's match: