Kevin Owens recreated another iconic “Stone Cold” Steve Austin promo, which aired on WWE’s social media platforms ahead of Monday’s RAW.

As seen below, Owens did his own rendition of Austin’s backstage interview with Michael Cole prior to the 2002 Royal Rumble, where the Texas Rattlesnake yelled “What?” at every question.

“You got time for me to tell you a story?” Owens said [H/T Comic Book]. “[I’m going to tell you a story right now] a story about a man named Kevin Owens. [Who rolled into Dallas, Texas last night] and when I roll into Dallas, Texas, I’m going to be real thirsty. [So I went to a bar] I’m not drinking your beer, I’m not drinking any beer. Because beer is disgusting. [Then I started throwing darts] I’m not playing pool, I’m not drinking beer and I sure as hell ain’t riding one of those [mechanical bulls]. I ain’t riding it frontways, sideways, backwards, frontways, two-handed, one-handed, no-handed, I’m not doing that stupid crap. The only thing I’m doing at WrestleMania in Dallas on Saturday, April 2, is I’m going to stun your sorry a—. [And that’s the bottom line, what?] because KO said so.”

Earlier this month, Owens recreated two other classic Austin promos. Over the weekend, he recreated the Vince McMahon – Mike Tyson – Steve Austin segment in the lead-up to WrestleMania XIV. On March 17, Owens recreated the “Austin 3:16” promo from when Austin defeated Jake Roberts to become King of the Ring. You can see both videos below.

On this week’s RAW, Kevin Owens delivered his final words to Steve Austin ahead of their confrontation on WrestleMania Saturday. Owens mentioned that his impersonation of Austin last week was actually an homage to the WWE Hall of Famer, and that he didn’t mean to mock Stone Cold. The segment is expected to main event Saturday’s show, which Owens himself confirmed in his latest promo segment.

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