Kyle O’Reilly recently spoke with The Zaslow Show about Cody Rhodes leaving AEW.

The American Nightmare did not reach an agreement on a deal with Tony Khan, but the former NXT star believes Cody will land on his feet.

“I know Cody somewhat decently. Like, he came into Ring of Honor maybe my last year or two there, and I’ve worked with him once or twice on the independents before leaving for NXT. And he’s just a great dude,” he added. “Good mind for the business, tremendous worker. I think he did, you know, AEW a great service for being here for its inception and helping them grow and, you know, whatever he is doing, I wish him the best of luck and I know he’ll land on his feet no matter what happens.”

Kyle O’Reilly also spoke about what it is like to work with AEW President Tony Khan. He admitted that things are collaborative with him, and he has been open to ideas getting pitched. Kyle also mentioned that Tony is just passionate about the business.

“I think, you know, wrestling, pro wrestling in general, is a very collaborative sport or art form, you know? There’s always going to be suggestions to be made,” he stated. “Like it’s never just this or the highway type of thing, at least in my experiences. Because everyone I’ve worked for has always been so open for, you know, making suggestions and stuff.

“But Tony Khan especially has just been so, kind of just cool about everybody just coming up with their own ideas, and pitching them, and not anyone feels stupid about it. You can just tell the guy is so passionate, just has such a mind for the business.

“It’s really pretty impressive to see the stuff that the guy can come up with on the spot, and when you do make a suggestion, he gives you the time of day and he’s willing to hear you out. It’s pretty cool and it’s pretty unique, and I’m really grateful and thankful to have this opportunity.”

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