Malcolm Bivens was a recent guest on The Black Announce Table podcast where he revealed whose a– he needs to beat. For him, that would be Gunter, claiming that if he had one match in him, he’d be the man to face.

“The number one person, and I need to just beat their a– is, is Gunther. Gunther, Gunther, Gunna, whatever his name is, he’s the one. He’s the one,” Bivens said. “If I have one more match in me, it’s against him. I want it. I need it. WrestleMania, it’s probably going to be on the kickoff show. Me vs him and I’m going to beat his a–. Yes, please don’t tag him when you tweet this clip out. Please do not tag him. Not, not because I’m afraid, just the WWE social media rules, just FYI.”

Malcolm Bivens is the mastermind behind the Diamond Mine faction, bringing together a terrific group of wrestlers for NXT 2.0. However, when he looks at the wider WWE roster, there are several wrestlers he would like to add at some point.

“Kevin {Owens} is a really good friend of mine and I said this last week. Someone else asked me. Kevin, all of New Day, I’m gonna add in some names, Dakota Kai, Wendy Choo,” he said. “Like, those are people that I would say are a part of my inner circle, so to speak, and they have helped me so much. They are the best people that I know as far as wrestling and just their knowledge and they’re just, they’re really smart people.

“And we can bounce ideas off of each other and all those people that I’ve named. Again, I wouldn’t be in this position if it, it weren’t for them because they’ve been incredibly helpful. And I’m sure that I have forgotten some other names, so please forgive me. But Kevin has been like a huge asset to me here. So hopefully one day I will repay the favor and help him win the WWE Championship at Backlash.”

Malcolm Bivens also spoke about where his intelligence came from, which is down to other talents. He revealed that several people behind the scenes have given him feedback in order to help him develop, from Samoa Joe to Shawn Micheals.

“Everyone has. From Gargano to, you mentioned Shawn, to Triple H. It’s the one thing of many things that I love about NXT is the fact that there’s never been a situation from, I would say the O.G.s, or the veterans who, there’s never been a situation to where someone has tried to give someone else bad advice, right? Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed,” he said. “Because if you succeed, they succeed, and we all succeed.

“Right, like, news flash. But, some people don’t, they don’t really see it that way. So, everyone has been incredibly helpful. Samoa Joe, that was one guy who, when he first showed up in NXT, he would just pull me aside and give me feedback after feedback after feedback and it was just, it was little things, right, that, that I never even thought of.

“Just the way I looked or how I, how I said one word, right? Or how I put emphasis on something. And that was Joe. And it’s one of those things where it is, when someone like Joe or when someone like Shawn or Regal gives you feedback. It’s for a reason and it’s just priceless knowledge. So, yeah. It’s been, it’s been incredibly helpful and great.”

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