The Acclaimed recently spoke with Rasslin’, where Max Caster discussed the team’s charisma.

Caster believes that is something that actually gets overlooked, Feeling this is down to how good they are, especially compared to other teams in the division.

“It’s amazing how are charisma and our screen presence and our gravitas in the arena just gets overlooked when we talk about how good The Acclaimed is. Because it is a huge strong point for us. Obviously, when you look at other wrestlers on the show, other tag teams especially,” he added. “There’s nobody more charismatic than The Acclaimed, there’s nobody more unique than The Acclaimed. Our entrance is the most-watched every single week, not to mention our matches.”

Max Caster is well known for his raps during The Acclaimed’s entrances. He revealed it’s important he gets a little time to himself backstage to make them and said he is having to create new content for Jungle Boy.

“That’s my job, I have to do it, you know? There’s nothing else for me to do. So when we find out we have a match, yeah, of course, I am stretching, I am getting dressed, I am getting ready for the match. But the most important thing is that I have a little bit of time by myself,” he stated. “And really think about how to pick apart our opponents. You know, I’ve gotten Jungle Boy so much that I had to come out with a new line for Jungle Boy. So I said, ‘oh, well, you know what this guy probably doesn’t have any pubes,’ so let me say that. I did that, and that line worked, it was pretty good.”

While Caster comes up with his content on the fly, he also revealed that he has a document. This is filled with content ready to go in case they get put to work with someone. Although, The Acclaimed star likes to use current events as well.

“I do have a document of just in case. If we wrestle this guy, just in case, I have got some things on deck ready to go,” he said. “But I like being current, I like current events, I like politics. Anything you can do to work that in without getting me and Anthony in trouble, I think that’s the true skill that I have. Saying these things that are horrible, but making them funny for everybody.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Rasslin’ with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription. 

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