During the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, Jungle Boy spoke to the press. He discussed a potential singles run for himself moving forward, which he’d love to do. However, right now he just wants to work with the best talent, whether that’s in a team or alone.

“I haven’t thought about it too much,” he admitted. “I’d love to have a singles run at some point, but I feel very fortunate the whole time I’ve been in a tag team I’ve been able to have some pretty big singles matches as well. You know, I had one with Dax, that was one of my favorite matches of all time. I had one with Kenny, one with Adam Cole, so we will see what happens. There are so many talented people here, so many of the best wrestlers. I just kind of want to get in there with everyone, whether it’s tag or singles. So I guess we will see what happens.”

Jungle Boy also thinks it is cool that AEW is continuing to bring in top talent. However, he feels good about his own spot within the company. The Jurassic Express star made it clear he’s ready to face whoever is available.

“I mean, it’s cool, I don’t think about it too much, because I just try to focus on what I am doing. I think they’re bringing guys in who are exciting people, who are going to have exciting matches,” he said. “And I want to get in there with them. I feel pretty good about my spot overall, I feel good about having been here since the very beginning, it was my first choice of where I wanted to go. So, I am glad to be here, and whoever it is, we will see what they’re about.”

Jungle Boy gave his thoughts on Tony Khan purchasing Ring Of Honor. This is something that he finds to be exciting, which he thinks will help talent. The upcoming wrestler put over the AEW President for pushing forward and making big moves.

“I mean, it’s exciting. There’s crazy stuff happening now in wrestling that I think a couple of years ago you would never have imagined, so I think it’s really cool. I think it’s just going to provide new opportunities for people who maybe don’t work here now, and some people who do work here now. I guess I am just excited with everyone else to see what exactly that means,” he stated. “But yeah, I don’t see any way it can be a bad thing. Tony’s making big moves, he’s all about that, so he’s continuing to push forward, and I think that’s neat.”

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