Mick Foley Says “Anything Could Happen” With Scott Steiner Holding A Live Mic At WWE HOF Ceremony

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is both excited and fearful at the prospect of Scott Steiner holding a live microphone when The Steiner Brothers get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this Friday.

"I want you to think for a second about Scott Steiner live on an award show," Foley said in a video released Tuesday. "Do you think the wrestling community wants to be upstaged by Will Smith's slap heard around the world? Just saying....live microphone; anything could happen. Scottie has been known to get a little freaky from time to time. I don't think it'll happen, I hope it [the induction] is done in a graceful way, but you never know.


"Scottie had that great singles run [in WCW and TNA], and was seemingly unhinged. You never know what was going to happen when he was on TV. That's why I believe, we owe it to ourselves to tune in this Friday."

Earlier in the video, Foley reminded the wrestling world just how ahead of their time The Steiner Brothers were.

"I think it [the WWE HOF induction] is a great reminder of how amazing The Steiners were," Foley said. "At a certain point, they were the best tag team in wrestling. Their ingenuity, power, and grace – Scott Steiner actually did the Frankensteiner, which we all call the Hurricanrana now. Scottie more or less popularized that move in American wrestling. A guy of that size doing that move, especially because Scottie would do it when an opponent came running off the ropes – it was one of the greatest moves of our generation.


"Rick was my print guy when my wife & I had a short-lived leather jacket business in Atlanta. I got to know him well. Really happy for both Rick and Scott."

The Steiner Brothers will be joining Queen Sharmell, Vader, Shad Gaspard (Warrior Award), and The Undertaker in the WWE Hall of Fame Class Of 2022. The induction ceremony takes place this Friday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX, immediately after a live episode of SmackDown.