Investors will be able to turn NFTs into tickets to professional wrestling events and more with a new feature is being offered by 8Bit Slammers.

The program covers a number of promotions in the United States and Canada: Chaotic Wrestling, ExpoLucha in Philadelphia, Venue Wrestling Entertainment in Southern California, Warrior Wrestling in Chicago, and WrestleCore in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Investors will also be able to redeem NFTs for a month-long subscription to Independent Wrestling TV.

“In functionality, this first tier of in-real-life opportunities comes from collecting and ‘blending’ one of each of the Series One set’s three Common NFTs, for a resulting ‘Forbidden Door’ NFT, which is then sent to 8Bit Slammers with a memo of which show the user would like to attend, a contact name and email address,” 8Bit Slammers stated in a news release.

“Each redemption is for one non-transferable General Admission ticket, to be held at the door of the requested event; or in the event of choosing IWTV, subscription credentials will be sent to the user’s provided email address.”

The number of redemptions is limited. 8Bit Slammers website states, “All redemptions are first-come, first-served.”

8Bit Slammers markets animated, digital wrestling collectibles featuring officially licensed pro wrestlers as NFTs. They are created, bought, sold, and traded on the WAX blockchain. 8Bit Slammers says individual assets are also available on the secondary markets and

8Bit Slammers already had a partnership with Masked Republic and has released several NFTs featuring stars from the world of lucha libre.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a digital collectible that has exploded in popularity over recent years.

Last October, WWE signed an agreement with Blockchain Creative Labs to launch an NFT marketplace for WWE licensed digital tokens and collectibles. A number of pro wrestling personalities are involved in various NFT ventures. Bret Hart launched his own NFT project: Bret Hart’s Cartoon World last January.

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