New Report Suggests Possible Motive For Cain Velasquez Shooting

Late Monday news got out that former UFC Heavyweight Champion and pro wrestler Cain Velasquez was in jail following his involvement in a shooting near San Jose, California; it was later revealed that Cain Velasquez had been arrested for attempted murder.


Now, more additional details have seemingly emerged, suggesting what caused the incident to occur.

According to a short Twitter thread from MMA reporter Fight Oracle, the confrontation between Cain Velasquez and two other men was the result of allegations involving one of the men and one of Velasquez' two children. The situation escalated to where Velasquez fired three shots, wounding the second individual, the father of the accused.

"RE Cain Velasquez," Oracle tweeted. "The talk going around is Cain chased down 2 men riding in a vehicle. One of them is accused of abuse of one of Cain's children at day care. The other person involved is the father of the alleged abuser. Cain shot the father of the alleged abuser. I'm told Cain fired at least three times. I don't know if he got the 2 men confused. I don't know if all the shots were fired at the same person. Or at both and only one landed."


Fight Oracle's reporting was given credibility by Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer. The wrestling journalist tweeted shortly after, indicating there was truth to this story.

"There is smoke to this fire," Meltzer tweeted.

According to reports, the shooting took place yesterday at 3:14. One individual was reportedly taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, while Velasquez was taken to jail and was held with no bond. There has been no official confirmation from law enforcement at this time regarding Velasquez' motive in this situation.

Cain Velasquez was last seen at AAA's TripleMania Regia in December of 2021, where he teamed with top AAA stars Pagano and Psycho Clown to take on Black Taurus, Rey Escorpion, and lucha libre legend LA Park. Velasquez had previously brawled with Park to set up the match at a TripleMania Regia press conference sometime earlier.