Otis Does Not See Himself Reuniting With Mandy Rose In WWE

WWE star Otis sat down for an episode of El Brunch de WWE for WWE Espanol to talk about his current run with Chad Gable in Alpha Academy.

Otis compared his run with Gable now to his former tag team partner Tucker in Heavy Machinery, and how Chad Gable is a very routine performer.


"It was like, Tucky knew where to go," Otis said of his former partner. "He was always routine in a way but like, this is to a next level when it comes to Chad Gable. It's like 'hey, man, we're going to be here at this time, at this time. I'm alright. Brother, let's do it.' So he's almost like a travel agent and a tag team partner, a best friend, and a brother, all in the same one. You know what I mean? It's kinda like 'hey, we're going to this hotel.' 'Alright.' 'I booked it baby.'

"It's just kind of, you know, that's always been the relationship. And even if we get together for barbecues or family get-togethers, it was always like, he would have a plan through. He wouldn't have this kind of food there and like 'here's the theme, and I found a theme party and here's the theme, baby.' It's just us and the folks and parents and the family. You know, and that's like, yes. I don't even worry about it anymore."


Otis has completely overhauled his look since joining Alpha Academy, including cutting his hair and shaving the beard. He described how he liked it and probably is now too lazy to grow the beard back.

"So I think the first the beard was gone," Otis said. "I still had the hair. So I went with a beard comb. I'm like 'oh my God. There's no hair there.' So now I have all these hair combs I've used for years just traveling. I'm just chilling now in my house. Nowadays I don't even comb my hair. This is basically what we have right here. This is, that's it.

"It's been definitely easier, easier life with just short hair. That's definitely for sure because now you don't have to worry about your hair in a match. You don't have to worry about hair in the wind when you're outside. We shower and you got worried about all this cold air in your hair. And wearing a hat. Oh my Lord. That's easy now. Just pop it on. I would feel now too lazy and grow my hair back anymore."

Otis' initial claim to fame in WWE was when he was in a program with current NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose. While Otis enjoyed working with her, he doesn't see a reunion between the two any time soon.

"Who wouldn't want to kiss her?" Otis said. "Yes. Yes, she's doing good doing with the NXT thing, but I just don't see us in the future. But yes, I do miss her little kisses and hearing her little whispers in the ear. But she was a lot of fun to be with and work with. So yeah. I'm happy what she's doing now, but right now, I can't have unfocusedness in the Alpha Academy."


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