Paige VanZant Gives Update On Her MMA Future Following AEW Signing

AEW's newest signing Paige VanZant recently spoke with Carton & Roberts.

VanZant is now signed with AEW, kickstarting her career in professional wrestling. However, the former UFC star has insisted that does not mean her MMA career is over. She confirmed that she is not retired from the sport and is signed to both boxing and wrestling deals.


"I'm not done MMA fighting at all," Paige claimed. "I think people have this idea that you have to stick with one thing. But being a mixed martial artist, and being in this sport, you can evolve and can focus on one aspect at any given time. Definitely not retired from MMA, but at this current moment, I am signed to [professional boxing and professional wrestling]."

VanZant also revealed a recent mistake that took place. The American Top Team member almost missed the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite because the flight was booked under the wrong name. It had been done under her maiden name, but she took on her husband's after getting married. Because of that, she had to Google herself in order to prove who she was to TSA.


"I showed up to the airport, and the flight was booked under my maiden name," she revealed (h/t to Carton & Roberts) "But I'm a traditional woman and took my husband's last name. They booked it under the wrong last name, [went] up to TSA, and they were trying to get me to be able to take the flight. I Googled myself and was like, 'This is who I am, I swear I'm the same person.' There's articles out there, all this crazy stuff [pops up.] I did get my mother to send me a copy of my marriage certificate."

It is currently unknown when Paige VanZant will be making her in-ring debut for the company. However, she was involved in an angle with Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara last week. This could lead to that happening down the line.