Paul Heyman was a recent guest on The Battleground Podcast where he reflected on his first interaction with Roman Reigns. This took place when the Tribal Chief was a three-year-old child. However, even then, Paul believes he had more charisma than anyone in the room.

“What stood out to his son to me was that in a locker room filled with future WWE Hall Of Famers, future WWE Champions, future WWE main-eventers. I’ll throw one name at you, Sid Justice, who was in that locker room. A locker room filled with people like that,” he said. “Filled with people like Yokozuna, Roman Reigns had more charisma at three-years-old than everybody in that locker room combined.

“All the oxygen in the room went straight to him. He’s three years old, he’s holding his father’s hands. Yet when he just made a motion like he wanted something to eat, or whatever it was, everybody in the room noticed him. It was the damndest thing, he had a charisma at three that could not be denied.”

Paul Heyman was so impressed by what he saw from the young boy that he asked to sign him there and then. However, even at that moment, Sika knew Roman and Heyman would end up together.

“I said to Sika, respectfully, because everyone who spoke to Sika spoke respectfully to Sika,” he said. “And still does to this day, and rightfully so. I said, ‘you know, I’ll sign him today.’ And Sika said, ‘it’s okay brother, you’ll get him in the future, he will be all yours.’ You just knew that this three-year-old was going to grow into being a star, he just had it. He had the ‘it factor,’ at three years old.”

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