AEW’s Powerhouse Hobbs is joining the many individuals across the world of professional wrestling who are sharing their memories of Scott Hall. The WWE Hall of Famer died last week at the age of 63.

“Scott Hall was a man,” Hobbs told the Superstar Crossover podcast. “I mean, like, there were certain people that we’re drawn to, you know, just being from the hood and projects, and Scott Hall was one of those dudes, you know? I remember playing wrestling in my grandma’s front yard and everybody wanted to be Scott Hall or Harlem Heat, you know, and/or anyone from the nWo. He just made everything so cool.

“Like, I remember going to restaurants and I always wanted to put a toothpick in my mouth because of him. I always tried to have that little curl coming down, just like him. I remember, it was the show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, and we stopped to get gas and we saw The Kliq getting gas. So we ran over and gave them a hug and, you know, got some autographs and they were so cool. So in the handful of times, I got to meet Scott Hall. He was super cool.”

Powerhouse Hobbs says it wasn’t always easy for him growing up as a pro wrestling fan. He says some kids made fun of him. Others did even worse.

“Not everyone wanted to admit they watched wrestling,” Hobbs recalled. “You either want to play football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, and I got made fun of because I watched wrestling, and wore wrestling t-shirts, and carried my wrestling figures in my bag. I had bullies that would go in my backpack and purposely break my figures, you know? So, for me, some people that I hung around, we played our own video games, made our own matches, our own pay-per-views. It was cool.”

Powerhouse Hobbs said he turned the tables on the former bullies in his life as he grew bigger and stronger. In fact, he described an encounter he had with some of them.

“They wouldn’t do that sh*t now because I ran into a few of them at the liquor store and they looked at me and were like, ‘Oh man, you’ve grown up,'” Hobbs said. “I’m like, ‘Yeah mothef*cker. Try that now.'”

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