In an appearance on the brand new Under the Ring podcast, WWE star Rhea Ripley was asked about the importance of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships being defended at WrestleMania 38.

Ripley, a former Women’s Tag Team Champion who will be teaming with Liv Morgan to try and regain the titles at WrestleMania, says she understood why fans aren’t high on the titles, which makes it all the more important they have a spot on the Mania card.

“I think it’s very important,” Ripley said. “The Women’s Tag Team Championships, they sort of get looked down upon by a lot of people. Like I see it on social media all the time. I get it. We don’t really get good positions on the show and like our matches are very, very quick.

“I think that it is important to put it on WrestleMania and remind everyone exactly what we can do and how much these titles do truly mean. I love the tag titles. I love tag wrestling. I love everything about it. We just got to remind everyone how much they love it and I think that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Rhea Ripley was also asked about her boss, WWE owner, and chairman Vince McMahon. She described him as very busy, but in her interactions with him, she has found him to be very upbeat and positive.

“He’s a very, very, very busy man,” Ripley said. “My interactions with him have been positive. He’s very helpful and he’s very, he’s nice to us all, that I’ve seen. At least every time I’ve run into him he’s been really, really lovely and to the point, of course, because he is a busy man. But he seems very happy every time that I come through the curtain and that’s my main point, as well. I try to get out of him a good old smile.”

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