The Authors Of Pain Feel They Were Given Unfulfilled Promises In WWE

As guests on the latest episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, The Authors of Pain (Gzim known as Rezar and Sunny known as Akam), joined the show to talk about their experience being released by WWE in 2020.

Gzim revealed that the group would still be in WWE had they not been lied to by someone backstage while he was rehabbing back from a torn bicep.

"Our heart is still in wrestling," Gzim said. "If everything would've happened, everything would've went well with WWE, we saw ourselves still wrestling for WWE. I came back after hurting my bicep, I rehabbed it in three and a half months, 14 weeks, I rehabbed a fully torn bicep, usually, that's eight months of rehab.

"I went back to the WWE office and said 'I'm ready to go again and they just cut us off and said no.' We said what do you mean? We shook hands on something really big [with WWE] and they didn't want to follow it up after I got hurt and the pandemic started. It's also one of the reasons me and Sunny said 'hey, we're going to go home.' We decided together we were going to go home and do our things because we're people that if you make a promise and you shake hands, you have to act on it and you have to cover f***ing promises.

"Once we feel like somebody doesn't do that, we cut you off right away. That's how we are, we shook hands with somebody in the office, that guy got let go but we went through some sh*t with him. He made a lot of promises to us and they didn't [follow through with them], we felt like we were going to go home and we're done man."

When The Authors of Pain were released from WWE, Kevin Owens was feuding with the group while they were teaming with Seth Rollins and wished the group their best in whatever was next.

Sunny continued to speak about their frustrations at the end of their run with WWE, mentioning how they'd randomly be asked to wrestle certain matches here and there. The Authors of Pain member also revealed that Paul Heyman was ultimately the person who focused on utilizing them.

"We ended up doing nothing for so long and then we had one random match, I don't know how it came about and it was the main event of RAW," Akam said. "We walked into the arena and everybody was like 'congrats guys, congrats,' I look at Gzim and I'm like 'what are they congratulating us about? We haven't done anything for months dude.'

"We were teaming with [Baron] Corbin and we faced The Shield and honestly Jon [Moxley], Seth, Roman was just like me. Jon and Seth were like I don't even know if these guys can wrestle. We have the match with them and it turned out to be a good match and Jon comes to the back and he looks at us and goes 'hey man, you guys are pretty good.'

"I go to Gzim and I say 'you see that sh*t? We're good huh?' After that, we had that match and then we did nothing for a couple more months. Till Heyman took over and Heyman goes 'we've got to do something with these guys, we can't have you guys [doing nothing].' Cause we were just flying around eating catering, going city to city on a catering bill. Heyman had this new idea and then that was it."

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