The Undertaker Used To Take Naps In Caskets Backstage At WWE

During an interview with Ryan Satin of the Out of Character Podcast, The Undertaker gave a look into his upbringing and his interests as a child.

The Deadman talked about having family members who worked at a funeral home and how he'd spend time around caskets and in embalming rooms (the room in a funeral home where they prepare the body prior to the service and burial).


"I was always into scary stuff, I liked scary movies and I was always enthralled by mystery and scares," Undertaker said. "When I was a kid, it was more theater of the mind. Later on, the movies went into full gore and they didn't leave anything for you to think about, they showed you everything.

"Early on they would cut things off and just kind of let your mind figure it out so I was always fascinated, even with death. There was a time where I had family members that actually worked in a funeral home so I was around caskets and in embalming rooms. Little did I know at that point where my career and future was going to go but it's funny how things work out. The Undertaker is a lot of things blown up to the 100th degree for sure."


With these experiences as a child at funeral homes happening way before the idea of The Undertaker character became a reality, The Deadman told a funny story about his first peek into a casket.

"Kindergarten probably," Taker said, regarding the earliest memories he has of being in an embalming room. "It's nuts, it's crazy how things work out. I remember as a little kid they were going to have a service and they had already brought out the casket, the deceased was in the casket but the service wasn't going to start for a couple of hours.

"There was nobody in the chapel and my little morbid self decided to go up and see up close. I worked my courage up, worked my way up to this casket, peaked in, and could've sworn the corps inside moved and I took off like a scalded rabbit. It's just funny, it's funny what life prepares you for."

Throughout his career, Undertaker has been involved in several casket matches and used several funeral references including tombstones and urns. 'Taker spoke about a unique way he used the caskets backstage on nights when they were backstage.

"On more than one occasion, I may or may not have pulled out a casket and taken a nap in there and didn't think anything about it," Undertaker said. "I had some big caskets, some big opponents early on so I had some big caskets that they had around so they served a dual purpose at times."


The Undertaker is set to be inducted into the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame at this year's WrestleMania in Dallas, Texas. The Deadman will be inducted by Vince McMahon himself and Taker joked during a recent interview that Vince might try to prank him at the ceremony.

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