In an interview with Beckles & Recher, WWE star Titus O’Neil talked about the late Scott Hall. Hall died earlier this week at the age of 63, and Titus O’Neil shared some memories of Hall, including how Hall encouraged him earlier in his career.

“I got to know him probably around 2014 and even when he was not around, he would text me,” O’Neil said. “He’d see something on TV on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown and he’s like, ‘hey man, that’s good stuff. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. Stay positive, no matter what they give you, you know? Make the best out of it.’ And then last year, obviously I got a chance to spend some time with him, being inducted into the Hall of Fame with nWo, and he was always just, always full of life. You know, the life of the party.

“Everybody deals with their own demons, but at the core, he was a really good man and obviously changed the whole landscape of professional wrestling and sports entertainment when he formed the nWo with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan and was one of the first professional sports entertainers to have guaranteed contracts. They literally changed the pay scale and the landscape for a lot of people.”

Titus O’Neil also discussed The Undertaker and how Taker was initially a very intimidating figure when O’Neil first arrived in WWE. Ultimately though, O’Neil came to realize that Undertaker loved wrestling and his only goal is to see the business thrive.

“First coming in, it was scary,” O’Neil admitted. “I mean, he’s very intimidating. But once you get to know him, you realize that he truly loves this business and he wants it to continue to thrive. And he’s just one of those guys, I didn’t bust my tail all these years to just come and not take it seriously. But you look at how big he is and the stuff that he did. He’s 6’8, 6’7. He’s probably close to 3oo lbs. I mean, he’s just diving over the rope, you know, head first, almost killing himself a couple of times.”

These days, every wrestler is asked about their Mt. Rushmore of pro wrestling. Titus O’Neil is no different, and he wasted no time listing off his Mt. Rushmore.

“Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Vince McMahon,” O’Neil said.

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