During today’s media call ahead of AEW Revolution, Tony Khan spoke to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. Hausman asked about Jeff Hardy, who recently claimed he will be joining AEW, and who AEW has seemingly teased several times recently.

“I don’t think anybody should consider it a foregone conclusion,” Tony revealed. “I do really like Jeff a lot, I think Jeff is still obligated to another company here for at least several more days. But at some point, when Jeff is free and clear I would love to have Jeff in AEW. Jeff is a friend of mine, I really like him very much, and I think the world of him. I have a lot of respect for him as a wrestler, and he’s also a very nice person. I think he would fit in very well in AEW, and we would love to have him, potentially.”

Another wrestler that recently parted ways with WWE is Cesaro, who did not sign a new contract when it expired recently. Tony Khan admitted he likes him a lot, and he would be open to signing him.

“I do like him a lot. And I have to say, I met him many years ago, and he’s a real gentleman, Claudio. I have a ton of respect for him as a pro wrestler, I think he’s a great athlete. He’s a phenomenal, phenomenal athlete, let’s be honest,” he said. “His strength is tip top, he has very few peers in the power department. Also, mentally, he puts great matches together, he’s got great psychology and just a great guy. So, yeah, I mean, that’s always something I would be open to.”

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Full audio from Tony Khan’s AEW Revolution media call is available as part of today’s The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast release. It is already available at YouTube.com/WrestlingInc.

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