Tony Khan Teases “Excellent” Tournaments For Owen Hart Cup

AEW Owner and President Tony Khan joined SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio to discuss the upcoming Owen Hart Cup which is set to take place in May.

"I'm excited, in May, we're going to start The Owen Hart Cup tournament," Tony explained. "And before the cup tournament starts, similar to the Olympics or the World Cup or a lot of the big tournament events out there, there's qualifying. You know, pre-tournament qualifying. And we're going to have that for The Owen Hart Cup, both the women's tournament and the men's tournament.


"And I'm really excited about getting in there and finding out who's going to make the competition. I'll have announcements coming up soon about The Owen Hart qualifying matches, but I promise the fans these tournaments, both the men's tournament and the women's tournament, will be excellent."

Tony Khan also revealed the finals of the tournament will take place at Double or Nothing in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 29, 2022. He was asked about how he goes about booking his match cards and he responded by saying there isn't a right or wrong, but he had an idea how he wanted Dynamite to start this past week to make sure he hooked the fans watching.

"I don't think there is a right and a wrong when it comes to trying to put the card together," Tony Khan explained. "Sometimes, things flow differently, but I thought we could get a huge audience if we started the show out really hot. I knew a lot of people were really gonna want to watch CM Punk vs. Dax. It was a great wrestling match, and I just thought after having such a great one-on-one singles match, what's the craziest thing we could do to keep the audience hooked? And I thought it would be to go right into the Tornado Tag Match.


"I think it did work really well because we got a huge audience for the first two quarters, and a lot of those people stayed with us through the night. So to keep the average of the show up high, I thought it would be a really good thing to do to kind of hook the audience early."

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