Veer’s official WWE Raw debut was announced this Monday after months of teasing.

It has been revealed that the WWE Superstar will be making his debut on the show on April 4, the post-WrestleMania episode. Veer took to social media to comment on the situation, thanking the fans for their support.

“Dedicated to the optimistic and positive of my fans that kept their fists raised high in support. I heard you. Yeah, the man is coming. He always was. I’m clearing that path ahead. Don’t stand in the way. Better yet….please try! #veermahaan #wwe #tigerstorm #raw”

Veer has been getting teased by the company for a long time, claiming that he is, ‘coming to Raw,’ each week. This is something that has dated back to November. However, this time around WWE put a date on the end of it, allowing fans to know exactly when he will arrive. He had previously worked alongside Jinder Mahal and Shanky, but they were split during the WWE Draft.

Even though Veer has yet to arrive on Raw, the WWE Superstar has been competing inside the ring. He has been working on Main Event regularly, getting the chance to work against the likes of T-Bar, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin.

In the past, former Million Dollar Champion Virgil spoke on Instagram about Veer. He made it clear that he is excited about him arriving, claiming he is the next Brock Lesnar in the comment.

“You ain’t never gonna meet a bigger Veer guy. Haven’t been this excited since the Ascension got signed. You see Veer was my creation. It’s a spin-off of Veergil. So basically he pays homage to the chutney killah who drips beefy beef all day. Pasanda and Pasta bay bay. Let’s watch the next Brock Lesnar whiff his a** into stardom. Thoughts????”

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