Wardlow Weighs In On What He Wants From Tony Khan's ROH Reboot

AEW star Wardlow was today's guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, speaking with Managing Editor Nick Hausman.

Mr. Mayhem was asked to weigh in on the news that Tony Khan has become the new owner of Ring Of Honor, which he finds awesome.

"I think it is awesome, just for the world of wrestling in general," Wardlow claimed. "We have obviously seen what Tony can do with a product. So, I believe Ring Of Honor is about to thrive like never before."

Right now, it is unclear what Tony Khan's plans are for the promotion itself. However, Wardlow would like to see another quality wrestling product that can be a genuine option. He feels there are a lot of great wrestlers available who deserve the chance to shine.

"Man, I would just like to see another quality wrestling product. Another, not just another option, but a real option," he added. "Like, a good option, and an enjoyable, entertaining option. An alternative for wrestling. Just something a little different, man. There's so much talent in the business of wrestling, and there's so many free agents, I feel like Ring Of Honor is going to be a great place for all of these people to go, and shine, like they deserve."

During the past few months, Wardlow has had the opportunity to work with a future Ring Of Honor Hall Of Famer, CM Punk. He's admitted it has been surreal to have that experience, which he didn't think would even have been an option previously.

"Working with CM Punk has truly been surreal," Wardlow stated. "I've said it before, you get in the business with your list of people you would love to work with, and CM Punk just didn't exist on that list because that wasn't ever an option. That was done and over, no possibility of that happening. So, for it to be real, man, just to work with CM Punk, something you never thought you'd be able to do. So, it is very, very cool."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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