The late, great Roddy Piper would have turned 68 on Sunday. As wrestlers and wrestling promotions remembered the WWE Hall of Famer, a fan on social media posted a video clip of Piper’s appearance on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect in 1999.

Representing WCW at the time, Piper was joined on Maher’s panel by fellow WWE Hall of Famers Sting, Bobby Heenan and Madusa. At one point during the interview, Maher contended that wrestling fans were “in on the joke” and knew they were watching a fake sport. This prompted Sting to argue that chair shots were real, and that wrestlers do suffer a physical toll during matches.

In response to Sting’s comments, Maher argued, “but there’s never a bruise on any of you.”

An irate Piper then stood up, lowered his trousers, and showed off his metal hip.

Piper then pointed to his wrist and yelled, “Broken wrist. See that wrist? Seven years it’s been broken. Owen Hart [is] dead. Why don’t you go tell Mrs. Hart what a joke it is, huh?”

The video has since gone viral, prompting responses from the likes of WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry and Karrion Kross. Roddy Piper passed away on July 31, 2015 at the age of 61.


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